How to turn off Windows 10 correctly and what to do if it does not turn off

When switching to the new Windows 10 operating system, when updating or clean installation, you may encounter a phenomenon such as not turning off the computer through the function “Completion of work. That is, the screen may go out, but the laptop cooler or PC will continue to work. Or maybe for an infinitely long time the inscription “Completion of work“after which either”blue screen of death“or the computer will boot in normal mode. Something keeps him from turning off completely. Such problems have been encountered since the time of XP. And they didn’t go anywhere until “dozens. There can be many reasons for this machine behavior. Here we will analyze the most important users most often seen on PCs.Windows 10 does not turn off

Windows 10 does not turn off – what to do

Most often, a similar problem is caused by the implementation of the instant loading function in the new OS. What Microsoft developers came up with there, introducing the quick start function is unknown, but often this is the reason that the computer refuses to shut down normally. It remains only to pin the power button on the laptops until it is completely turned off or to pull the plug out of the socket. But such a violent shutdown can adversely affect the system both on the hardware and on the software. So how to turn off Windows 10 in this case?Most often, disconnecting this fastest boot helps.

  • We call the computer parameters menu by key combination Win + I or go to “Notification Center“where we choose”All parameters.

All Window 10 options

  • Next, go to the tab “System.

Windows 10 system

  • Here in the left column we need to select the “sectionFood and sleeping mode.

Food and Sleeping Regime Windows 10

  • On the right side of the window we open “Additional power options.

Additional Window 10 Power Settings

  • Switch to “Power Buttons.

Window 10 Power Buttons

  • Activate the “tune”Change parameters that are not available now»And uncheck the box from the quick run.

Application of Window 10 parameters

  • Reboot the computer to check if it turns off correctly.

Disabling Windows 10 Quick Start Function

If the computer does not turn off with Win 10

If the above manipulation did not help and the computer does not turn off on Win 10, then you need to scan the device for the presence of viral infection, it is quite possible that some malicious process does not allow to complete the work correctly. After scanning and treating the computer, we restart again, check the correct shutdown of the PC. The reason that the computer does not turn off may be incorrect or incorrect installation of drivers. Or the drivers are outdated. You can update drivers on the manufacturer’s website or use special software. By the way, it is better to download drivers from the developer, for specific

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