How to share Wi-Fi in Windows 10

WiFi on a PC allows you to organize a wireless Internet connection. Typically, a computer or laptop acts as a signal receiver. But it can be turned into a source on the Internet if there is appropriate equipment. In this case, you can organize a home-made file without buying and setting the router.

There are a few simple methods to distribute WiFi with laptop Windows 10 internal system utilities. A special function for this has been introduced in new patches. If you have an earlier edition of Windows 10, then you can use the classic way of distribution through the terminal.

Turning on mobile hotspot

A recent update by Windows 10 added the Mobile Hot Spot setting. With it, the PC will turn into a network source WiFi, but only if there is appropriate equipment (external adapter or built-in module). You can find the function in the parameters of the operating system.

distribute wifi to Windows 10

Open Start, find a gear-shaped icon and click on it. Then go to the Network and the Internet. This is where the desired function is located. It remains to simply activate it, set the connection parameters and organize the Internet from one of the sources. Now it is available to connect other devices to the created network.


Alternative method

through system commands? Open the Run utility through the search in the Start menu. Drive cmd into it. Further manipulations will be performed in the opened program.


Copy the request to the input field: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode = allow ssid = XXX key = YYY. Instead XXX specify the identifier for the connection (gaps and special characters cannot be written, English layout), instead YYY – a secret combination for connection (requirements are the same, minimum – 8 characters).

distribute wi-fi on Windows 10

Then write to the netsh wlan start hostednetwork console and confirm the input. The terminal should display information that the created connection is working. Now it’s possible to synchronize with the point from other devices WiFi, but the computer will not transmit an Internet connection. For the current connection, you need to allow distribution.


If an error occurs that does not go out to undermine the network, but in the previous paragraph it was indicated that the ability is supported, then the problem lies in WiFi device. If this is an external adapter, try switching it to another connector. If you have a network card, then try disconnecting and enable its operation in the device manager. Another option is to remove the driver, and then reinstall it with internal means Windows.

go to devices on win 10

An alternative way is to use a virtual adapter Microsoft. In the “Network Adapters” section, you need to activate the display of hidden elements. The “Virtual Adapter …” device or “Microsoft Hosted…. Click on it PCM and click on “Enter. The problem must be solved, just in case, restart the computer, this will confirm the system changes.


Now click PCM on the Start menu, open “Network Connections” there. Further work will be done in this window.


Among the entire list of items, find the object synchronizing the computer with the Network. Click on it PCM and select the properties item. There, go to the Access. Mark “Allow others …” and save the changes. Now you have allowed the computer to expand the Internet from the selected source.

distribute wifi to Windows 10

If all the actions were completed successfully, and no configuration errors were made, then you can connect to the distributed Wi-Fi network from any other devices, for example, a smartphone.

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