How to Partition a Windows 10 Disk

In computers running Windows there is the possibility of dividing one physical media into several logical drives. All operations are performed in a software way, while changing the technical component of the PC is not necessary.

The division into logic discs is designed to organize information. For example, use one volume for installing the system and storing programs, and on the second download games, films, photos and any other data not related to system.

There is a good option how to break a disk into Windows 10 without using software from third-party developers. Details about this are in the next section.

Breakdown by internal system tools.

In the latest versions of operating systems from Microsoft, it became possible to break the disk with internal means. But it is worth understanding that the second logical section in volume will not be possible to do more than is now free on the drive.

By volume example C: consider how to break the hard drive in Wing 10:

  • Open the “Execute” dialog box with keys Win + R. Insert a team into it diskmgmt.msc and confirm the input.
  • kak-razdelit-disk-windows-10
  • When the utility loads, click on the desired section, click PCM and select “Squeeze Volume” in the pop-up list.


  • In the input column, you need to specify what size of the section you want to make. When all the data is specified, click on “Create. Wait for the process to complete.

split disk into Windows 10

  • As a result of the actions taken, some free space with the parameter “Not distributed” will appear. This area needs to be reorganized into a new logic disc. Click on the unoccupied PCM location and click on “Create a simple volume”.


  • Initially, the volume of all free space is indicated for the new section. If you want to make multiple logic disks, you need to specify a smaller size in accordance with the calculations.
  • Now enter the volume label, any letter from the English layout.
  • Select the option to format the section (it is recommended to leave the parameter unchanged) and confirm the choice.

As a result of the described actions, one physical section will be divided into 2 logical (if necessary – by a larger number). Here’s how to split a disk into Wing 10 with diskmgmt.msc. Each of them will be given its own volume label. On this you can close the utility.

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