How to take a screenshot on Windows 10

Screenshot is a great way to save useful information, capture the problem of the system, get a beautiful stop frame from a movie or game. B Windows 10 there is this feature, it is built-in, available for use from the moment of the first launch of the system. There are a few simple ways, how to make a screenshot Win 10.

Screenshot through Print Screen

Print Screen – A button on the keyboard designed to save screenshots. It is located in a block above the “shooting. Sometimes the button is signed abbreviated Prtscn.


When the user presses on it, a snapshot of the entire image from the monitor is saved to the clipboard. It remains only to insert the frame, for example, into a built-in graphical editor or any other program.

There are several keyboard shortcuts with Print Screen, expanding the functions of the screenshot of Wing 10.

Simultaneous pressing Alt+Prtscn save the image of the active area of the screen. For example, if you work in Word, then this key combination will make the image only of the program itself, no other elements will be present in the frame.


There is also a way to save the screenshot immediately to the “Images” folder in the user’s documents. With this option, you do not need to insert a snapshot from the clipboard. Enough to press together Win + PrintScreen. This saves the entire displayed area of the screen.

Method for Windows 10 latest versions

In the latest versions Windows 10 there is a new way to get screenshots. To use it, you must simultaneously press Win + Shift + S. The mouse pointer will turn into a selector, you must specify the rectangular area of the screen, the image of which you want to save. Everything is done with the left mouse key pressed. When you let her go, the screenshot will remain in the clipboard. It will be possible to insert into the graphical editor or other suitable application.


Scissors Program

There is a way to make a screen on Win 10, using the built-in utility “Scissors. Its capabilities include saving frames from a specific screen area and editing them, as well as delayed screenshots.

Utility starts through the menu “Start. It is located in the category “Standard – Windows», which is closer to the end of the list.


The program is easy to use. Button “Create»Enters the selection of the screen area for later saving. Next to it is the arrow down, if you click on it, you can select the selection mode. As mentioned above, there is a delayed screen function.


When the frame from the screen is transferred to the program, it will become possible to edit it, as well as save with a choice of format. Scissors are an excellent tool for obtaining screenshots.

Intra-playing screenshots

In some games, you can’t make a screenshot of the methods described above. Sometimes the result is just a black shot. But do not despair and look for third-party programs to solve the problem. B Windows 10 has a built-in utility Xbox Dvr, designed to interact with games. With it, you can take a picture of the gameplay in just a few steps.

Directly during the game you need to click at the same time Win and G. In this case, you need to enable full-screen mode. If the game is in the window, then the method may not work. The utility window will pop up, there you need to select the screen image item. The frame from the game is copied to the clipboard, it remains to insert it into the graphic editor.


If the window does not appear Xbox Dvr, then the utility was turned off. It must be re-included. The easiest way to find it through search and activate in settings.


A little tip: screenshots do not need to be imported into the graphical editor, for example, you can immediately insert a screenshot into the dialog box Skype or VKontakte correspondence.

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