How to remove McAfee antivirus from Windows 10

Mcafee – one of the antivirus utilities for Windows. Very often, users are faced with a situation where when installing a program from the Internet, they also receive it on the computer. As a result, a third-party antivirus appears in the system, which far from everyone needs.

To get rid of it, you need to remove the makafi completely Vin 10. And this is not such a simple task as it might seem at first glance. The fact is that the standard uninstallation procedure only cleans the computer of the main software files, while the residual data is stored in the system, occupying the space on the hard drive.

Removal using third-party software

MCRP – special utility for removal Mcafee, developed by the creators of antivirus. You can download it at the link


Run MCRP, confirm the user agreement, enter the captcha. It is worth considering that it is susceptible to register (string and uppercase characters). If the code is entered correctly, the deinstallation procedure will begin. At the end, the utility will offer to restart the computer, agree. On this, the removal of the antivirus of the macafi is completed.


Manual removal of antivirus

There is an alternative to how to remove Mcafee antivirus with Win 10, without third-party software. All actions will be done manually.

The first step is to close the antivirus. In the tray, find the macaque icon, press PCM and select the exit point if it is present. Otherwise, just follow the instructions.

dummies application and features

Now you need to remove the main part of the program. To do this, go to “Control Panel. The easiest way to open it is through the context menu, caused by the simultaneous pressing of buttons on the keyboard Win and X. In the window that opens, display the option of viewing “Category. Then open the category “Program Deleting.

A window of all applications installed on your computer will appear. There you need to find an antivirus and remove it. As the procedure goes Mcafee will ask which components of the program will be deinstalled. You need to check all points and confirm the selection by the delete button.


The procedure will take some time, wait for its completion. Then you need to restart the computer. The success of Macaphie removal can be verified again in the “Program Removal” section. If there are any other software components there, they should also be removed.

Then you need to clean the residual files, find them at the installation location of the program. By default, the makafi is in the folder Program Files on the system disk.

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