How to uninstall OneDrive Windows 10

One Drive – Microsoft cloud storage built into the OS Windows 10. Service is considered one of the best solutions in this area. But not all users need this program. Often people prefer other services or do not use them at all. In both cases, it is advisable to disable the program. The article will discuss how without problems on Windows 10 delete Onedrive.

Removal Procedure

Onedrive originally put together with Windows 10, the user is not given the choice. The result is the appearance of a program icon in the field of notifications, as well as in the conductor. From the tray you can close it. But in reality, this will not greatly affect the operation of the service, it will still hang in the background processes, taking away the resources of the system.

But there is a way to remove Onedrive Win 10. It is worth understanding that the service is integrated into the system. Therefore, the task should be approached responsibly. Wrong actions can lead to problems in the functioning of Windows.


The first step is to determine the discharge of the system. This information will be needed in the future. To find out the information you need, click on the “Start” button and select “System”. View the column “System Type. It will indicate the discharge of the OS, remember this data.

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The second step is to launch a command line with administrative privileges. The corresponding shortcut can be found in the “Start” menu, the “Service” section. Click on the name of PCM, in additional settings, select the appropriate start option.

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The third step is the deactivation of the service. To do this, copy “taskkill /f /im Onedrive.exe


At the fourth stage, you can delete the service. In the terminal, write “% SystemRoot %“ System folder ”OneDriveSetup.exe / uninstall”, where instead of the inscription “System folder” you must insert System32 for x86 systems and SysWOW64 for x64 systems.

It may seem to you that nothing happened. In fact, this is not so, the team deleted the service in a quiet mode.


The described method of removing the program provides for the possibility of its recovery. If you decide to use the Microsoft cloud storage, then just reinstallOnedrive. And you don’t need to download anything.

on Windows 10 remove onedrive

Depending on the discharge Windows open the system folder (System32 or SysWOW64 respectively). Find a file in it Onedrivesetup.exe. This is the installation package for Onedrive, just run it and follow the prompts.

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