How to delete a folder in Windows 10

Of course, knowing how to delete a folder in Windows 10 refers to the so-called base. Without this, you can not consider working with a computer to be complete. Folders are created, copied, transferred and, of course, deleted. Moreover, the procedure for removing ordinary folders in the Ten is no different from deleting folders in other versions of Windows.

How can I delete regular folders

If we talk about the usual deletion of the folder, then this can be done, for example, simply by pressing the Del key on the keyboard. Then there will be an offer to place it in the Cart. Of course, one should agree.delete folder on windows 10You can also click on the right mouse button, in the new context menu, select “Delete” – and also agree with the offer to move the folder to the Cart. Finally, you can, being in the Explorer window, press the screen button in the form of a red cross – the folder and in this case will be deleted through the to delete a folder in a conductor on 10 wines

And what if the folder is not deleted

But what if suddenly the computer reports that it is impossible to delete the folder? There can be several reasons for this:

  • This folder is currently being used by any program or other user over the network. Solution – close all programs that can work with this folder. You can also try simply restarting the computer and deleting the folder after rebooting;
  • The file is quarantined with an antivirus program. The solution is to remove it from quarantine;

unchecking the anti-virus quarantine folder on win 10

  • To delete this folder, you must have the rights of the Admnistrator. Accordingly, these rights must be obtained;
  • It may be that the folder is locked from making changes to it. Then you will need to right-click on it, select the “Properties” – “Security” – “Advanced” option and here you can note that you can make changes to the file;

how to delete a failed folder on Windows 10

  • The user does not have access to this folder. It is possible that the user is not entitled to delete a folder or file from his account. Then it will be necessary to allocate such rights for this account. Or maybe the system considers this folder so important that it prohibits the “simple mortal” from working with it.

One way or another, but it will be possible to delete a “straight” folder if, for example, use third-party utilities that are designed for this: Windows Uninstaller, Uninstall Tools and the same to them. However, before deleting the system folder, you should think carefully: suddenly, it contains components vital for the operating system …

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