How to delete a Windows 10 account

Nothing complicated in how to delete a 10 wine account, of course not. And almost any user can cope with this task.

Removal via Start menu

To delete an account in Windows 10, you will first need to log in with the rights of the system administrator. After all, only he can create or delete accounts within the operating system and perform many other important actions. And then you will need to:

  • Press button Start (in the English version of Start) and select the item “Parameters” – an icon with gears;

how to delete an account in wines 10

  • Then, in the parameter window that opens, click “Account Entries”;

select accounts in the parameters of wines 10

  • On the left in the window you need to select the “Family and other users” section;

select family and other people in the parameters of the account in Windows 10

  • Now the account to be deleted is selected.

select to delete your account on Windows 10

  • Now you need to click on the “Delete” button and select the “Deleting Account and Data” item.

Removal via Control Panel

But you can do the same and using the Control Panel. By the way, this method will be relevant for other versions of Windows.delete account through control panel on win 10You will need to first run the Control Panel. In the window at the top of it, the item “User Accounts” is selected. Now in the new section we find the parameter “Deleting user accounts” – and click on it. In this case, of course, you will need to use the input through the Administrator – as indicated by the shield emblem on the of another account on Windows 10Now it remains only to select the account to be deleted, and then click on “Delete” and agree with your choice.kak-udalit-uchetnuyu-zapis-vindovs-10As you can see, everything is quite simple. And knowing how to delete or vice versa – creating an account in the Ten – will help to use all the features of this really wonderful operating system most the deletion of the account on Windows 10But you need to keep in mind that account deletion can only be done if you have more than one account. And also the fact that folders and files related to the user will be permanently deleted. Therefore, before you start deleting the account, you will need to take care of the reserve preservation of all this wealth.delete account on windows

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