How to uninstall Windows 10

During the free computer update period of all Windows owners 7 and 8 to Windows 10, most users, of their own free will, and in the end, forcibly received a new product on their PC. Closer to the end of the promotion period, it was already problematic to refuse the update. In this regard, many users forcibly got themselves 10 on a PC. After the update, there were only 30 days for testing and the ability to roll back to the previous version of 7 or 8, after the end of this period, disappears. Delete Windows 10 and return the original state of the computer in several ways.

How to remove Windows 10 completely

  • Actually, this is a rollback to the previous version using a pre-created image.
  • Clean reinstallation, that is, full formatting of the hard drive.
  • Rollback to the previous version within the framework of a 30-day trial period.

How to remove Windows 10 from a laptop

At the end of the free period, the ability to upgrade to 10 was still left for persons with disabilities. And in truth, those who want to try this product are actively using this loophole. By updating the PC to Windows 10 and activating it, the user receives a lifelong license for this OS. But if for some reason she didn’t arrange it, then you can return the PC or laptop to its original state by carrying out simple manipulations. And also now all computers and laptops are sold with the already pre-installed Windows 10, which, although good, did not like everyone.

How to completely remove Windows 10 from your computer

Consider by item:

  • If the computer was updated using the Windows10Upgrade or MediaCreationTool update tool, then all data about the previous system is prudently written to the folder Windows Old, and if you do not delete this folder or its contents, then within 30 days after the update you can safely roll back to the old version of the OS. To do this, open the computer parameters with a key combination Win + I or through the notification center window on the toolbar, where you need to select the “All parameters.

All Window 10 options

  • Next, tile “Update and Security.

Window 10 Update and Security

  • Here we go to the “Restoration” section and if the system rollback within the 30-day trial version is still available, then you will have a point. “Return to Windows 7“(or Windows 8). Here you need to start the “H” buttonto start»And follow the prompts on the screen. The whole process is simple, although it will take some time. Here you just need to be patient.

Rollback to the previous version of Windows

  • At the end of the trial period, the ability to return the PC to its original state disappears. And now you can remove Windows 10 and return your favorite “seven” only with a clean reinstallation with formatting your hard drive, or roll back to the previous version using a pre-created system image.
  • The image of the system can be created in various ways by both built-in Windows and third-party utilities. Here on the intended user. But the image must be created before updating or reinstalling, so that later it can return to the original state of the computer.

Back to previous Windows 10 assembly

  • If there is no image, and the deadline for rollback has been released, there is only one way to delete 10 – this is the formatting of the hard drive. We load the computer from the disk or flash drive with the recorded distribution of some other operating system and simply format the hard drive on which Windows 10 is installed before installation.

Windows 10 rollbackBefore you remove the 10 wines, take care of the safety of important data, copy it to a reliable

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