How to uninstall Windows old in Windows 10

If it suddenly turns out that the computer’s hard drive is sorely lacking in working space, then you can release it, for example, if you know how to remove the old wines in 10 wines. This folder is created automatically in the operating system if the Windows 78 to Tens update has been applied. Does this folder need this? The fact is that the disposal decision is made by the user himself. Information about the old system is stored here, and it can be useful if, for example, it was decided to return to the old Windows. If the return is definitely not supposed, then Windows.old can be painlessly removed, especially since it really takes up a lot of space in the system.

Delete Windows.old folder

However, before, how to remove Windows Old Wines 10, it will be necessary to carefully review this folder and copy useful files, which for some reason may be required again. Then the following procedure is performed:

  • The Win + R key combination is pressed;
  • In the text console, type the command: cleanmgr – this is how the utility for cleaning the hard drive is called;


  • Next, the hard drive on which Windows 10 is installed is selected in the drop-down menu;
  • And at the bottom of the dialog box – “Clear system files”;

remove Windows Old on Wine 10

  • Now in the new window you will need to check the files that are to be deleted with flags. In our case, these are: Previous Windows Settings, Windows Temporary Installation Files, and Windows Update Log Files.

kak-udalit-windows-old-v-windows-10You just stop clicking on the OK screen button and wait for the end of the deletion procedure.

Two more removal methods

The second way is that a command line is called on behalf of the Administrator to begin with. Then you will need to type the command of the following form: RD / S / Q “% SystemDrive % Windows.old”. If everything was typed correctly, then the Windows Old folder will cease to exist.delete windows old through the command line on win 10And you can do that. Click on the Start menu, then select “Restart”, but also hold down the Shift key. A special service window will open. It should note the item “Diagnostics. In the new screen – “Additional parameters. Here is the Command Line. The restart of the operating system will begin, after which the debug console on the command line will immediately appear. Here you will need to type the command: RD / S / Q “D: Windows.old”.After deleting the folder, Windows will begin its work – for this you will need to click on the “Continue”

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