How to set the default browser in Windows 10

In the Windows 10 operating system, a new Edge browser appeared to replace the morally outdated Internet Explorer, which was used only by those users who could not for some reason establish another, out of ignorance or inability. The new OS, initially, after installation, has a default browser – Edge. I must say, Edge itself, as a means of viewing pages, as well as sites, is pretty good: a rather high page load, a design close to Windows 10 with simple and large buttons. Support for plugins and extensions that can be downloaded and then installed from the store. But most users are used to “their” programs and utilities that have been used for many years, and automatically opening sites using the default Edge program is not to everyone’s liking.

How to set in Win 10 default browser

  • We go to “All parameters»- in the lower right corner we click on the button of the notification center and there we select the parameter plate.

All Window 10 options

  • Switch to “Applications.

Windows 10 Applications

  • Further, “Default Applications.

Default Applications Windovs 10

  • In the sub-frame “Web browser»We select the browser we are interested in, then we install the default browser Windows 10. Previously, it must be downloaded to the computer and installed, but you can do it through the store.

The default application is Windows 10In case of downloading programs through “Scoren ”, enter it, here we are looking for the right application. But it’s worth noting that the store, of course, already has a rather large number of applications and games. But this is still another program, it is advisable to download after which to install software, programs, utilities, as well as applications from official sites. That is, for example, the installed Google application from the store will work as a browser. But by virtue of its version, also that this is not the latest relevant version of the browser, but just a mini-application, limited in its capabilities. It will not be able to ensure confidentiality and protection of user data at the level at which protection is provided in a full-fledged browser.Application from Windows Store 10So, using the default programs that were installed at the time of installation or reinstalling Windows, we download, after which we install the desired browser, then go to the parameters, applications, all applications, here we open the Web browser subsection, then select the new browser that appears from the list to set it by

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