How to Install DirectX 12 on Windows

The DirectX 12 library is part of one of the Windows 10 updates and is supported exclusively for this operating system. It is required to run individual games from the Microsoft application store. Also, with its help, it is possible to increase the productivity of some compatible programs. Unfortunately, there is no way to install the Ix Directorate for an OS under the “ten”. If for some reason you needed this library, you will need a system update or clean installation. You will find the instructions for the second item in our article: “How to install Windows 10 from a flash drive”.

DirectX Version Definition

Before proceeding with the updating of the X Directives, it is worth checking which version is currently installed.

  1. Call a menu “Start.
  2. Closer to the end of the list of programs is the section “Office – Windows, open it.
  3. Run item “Follow out”.

    Run tool in the Start program list

    An alternative way is Win + R from the keyboard. In the dialog box, enter the dxdiag request and click on the button “Ok”.

    Opening DirectX Information via Run

  4. The necessary information is indicated in the column “Version DirectX “.

    DirectX Diagnostic Library Version

Most likely, the inscription will be “Direct X 11.2. But if the twelfth version is still involved, then an update is not required. You may only need to reinstall the drivers for the video card.

Component Installation

Now let’s figure out how to install DirectX 12 for the “ten. And here everything is extremely simple. The library should appear automatically after updating the driver for the graphical adapter. Information about him can be found in the tab “Ekran” dxdiag utilities. Pay attention to graphs “Producer” and “Type of chips”.

Graphics Card Model in DirectX Diagnostic Tool

The first one is the manufacturer of the video card, on the site of which free download of the driver is available. In the second – a model of the device. Therefore, go to the official page of the company, download the necessary files from there and install

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