How to install Windows 10 from a flash drive

More and more users prefer the Windows 10 operating system. She combined the functionality of the “seven” and the ergonomic design of Windows 8. It turned out such a hybrid, I must say, the product actually succeeded. Windows 10 has several advantages over both Windows 7 and Windows 8. And more and more users want to install it on their PC. From the installation options, you can note the update to the latest current version and the clean installation. Installation methods may also vary: this is a USB and CD-DVD installation. In the article we will analyze how to install Wing 10 from a flash drive.

Reinstalling Windows 10 via flash drive

To do this, first you need to create a removable boot media, in our case it is a USB flash drive using the MediaCreationTool utility.

  • Then we insert the flash drive into the connector of the computer or laptop and restart the PC.
  • Then we begin to actively press the key on the keyboard to get on the menu BIOSand these keys are mainly used – F1, F2, F10, Del, Esc.

These are the most common input keys BIOS, but depending on the model of the motherboard of the computer or laptop, another key or key combination can be used. You can find out more on the website of the manufacturer of a specific model of the motherboard.

  • After which, hit in BIOS, moving on tabs, shift the priority of loading the OS to a USB drive.
  • Save changes and restart the computer again. Now that an inscription appears on the screen asking you to press any key on the keyboard to start the installation – click and wait.

Window 10 InstallationThere is still a way to install Windows 10 through a flash drive without BIOSand. Need to get into the Windows download menu – Boot menu. You can do this when restarting your computer by pressing the login key to this menu. Most often it F12, F11, Esc, but there may be another option. You can try restarting your computer several times to try different options. Once in Boot menu, moving the arrows on the keyboard to select the removable media, in our case it is a USB flash drive.

Window 10 Installation with flash drive

  • The installation will begin, in the first window we select the language.

Windows language and regionality choice 10

  • We click the ” buttonSet.
  • In the next window, you need to enter the product license key and click “Further.

Windows 10 activation key

But, if on the equipment for which Windows 10 is being reinstalled, 10 has already been installed (possibly, it was an update during the promotion period or previously purchased OS) and for some reason it must be reinstalled (virus infection or software failure). Or it’s just planned to activate the product via the Internet later, then you need to select the “buttonI do not have an activation key.

  • We select the version and press “Further.

Choosing a version of Windows 10

  • We accept the terms of the license agreement (previously it must be read).

Confirmation of the Windows 10 License Agreement

  • Next, switch to the download option “Selective installation for experienced users“, in this case, a clean installation will be made with the ability to format the section for installing the OS.

The first option to update, in this case, all files of your current system will not be deleted, but will be placed in a folder Windows old, with which it is possible to roll the system back within 30 days if for some reason Windows 10 is not happy.

Clean installation of Windows 10

Next, you need to select a section for installation: if you plan to completely remove everything, completely all the information from all disks, before installing 10 wines from a flash drive, boldly delete all sections, create new and format, in that order. If it is planned to save the information contained on other disks, but you need to format only the system disk, then you can format only the one where the installation will be made. Determine which disk you need in size (sections – disks in the list can be several, these are reserved sections)Formatting a local Windows 10 drive

  • Select the desired disk and click “Further.

Creating a section for installing Windows 10

  • The installation will begin, it lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Window 10 Installation с флешки

  • After which the computer will automatically restart, remove our installation drive so that the installation does not start again if the boot priority on USB is switched to the BIOS settings.
  • Then you should be patient, since the loading of services and setting parameters will last some time.

Windows Country Choice 10Configuring Windows 10 KeyboardWindow 10 keyboard 

  • The computer will restart again, then you need to follow the prompts on the screen to configure your OS.
  • Log in using Microsoft account. Or create it. Or create a local account by clicking on the “Autonomous account.

Windows 10 Settings

  • Then you need to configure the privacy parameters, carefully study each item and turn off everything unnecessary.
  • The system will notify the progress of the parameter setting so that the user is not bored. It is worth patience, as the entire configuration process can take about 30–40 minutes.

Windows 10 Settings

  • Then the desktop will load, and it will be possible to install drivers and software.

Windows Desk 10Now you know how to reinstall Windows 10 from a flash drive. The process is actually simple, although it takes a little longer than, for example, when installing Windows 7. And there seems more settings, but everything happens with the help of system hints, so it’s hard to get confused

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