How to turn on wifi on windows 10

One of the innovations in Windows 10 there was a change in the inclusion method WiFi. At first, the user may get confused and not understand how to connect to the wireless Internet. In reality, this change can be safely called a clear improvement, as everything has become simpler and more understandable. Read more about how to enable the Wi-Fi on Windows 10 in the next section. And at the end of the article, we mention possible problems and ways to solve them.

Connecting a computer or laptop to your fai

In the lower right corner of the screen there is an icon in the form of network divisions. You need to click on this icon and activate the wireless connection. List will appear WiFi networks to connect to. Select the desired connection and double-click on it. If the network is protected by a key, then the system will request it.

search for networks wi fi on Windows 10

When the computer connects to the Internet, a request will pop up: is it a home network or a public one. If it’s your own WiFi, then select the first option, in other cases – the second. Now the computer will automatically connect to the Internet at startup. To change this, then in the network settings, disable the corresponding function.

wifi connection on wines 10

Possible problems

When establishing a wireless connection on Windows 10 users may encounter various problems. It often happens that the notification area does not have the desired icon. In this case, click on the vertical arrow, the full track window will appear. Most likely, the network division icon is there.

If this is not so, then you should make sure that the slider is switched on your laptop Wlan to position On. Possible problems with WiFi adapter if highlighted. Then check the relevance of network drivers.

Sometimes a normal reboot helps, after which it will be possible to establish a connection to the Wi-Fi.

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