How to Enter Safe Mode Windows 10

Why do you need to download a computer from Windows 10 in a safe mode? There can be more than enough reasons for this, this is also a viral infection, when the computer, or rather, the operating system began to behave extremely strangely. This is the incorrect installation of programs, drivers, updates. In safe mode, it is recommended to remove antivirus programs. This may be needed to activate the OS and much more. Unlike all the famous “seven”, or XP, you can get here in the “ten”, but a little differently. Since entering a safe mode Windows 10 seems difficult at first sight. Where the well-known F8 key still performs its functions, only now the instant load function is implemented in the new OS, you can get here in other ways. The short period in which you could previously press the desired key on a computer or laptop in earlier systems now when checking POST now is a split second. How to run Win 10 in a safe mode, when the operating system is loaded, but it works unstable – the easiest way to do this is from under the working system.Windows 10

How to get into safe mode when rebooting

  • It is very simple to do. Press the key on the keyboard Shift and without letting go, we click on the menu “Start “.

 Mandatory at the time of pressing the button Reloading, need to hold the key Shift, otherwise the computer will simply restart without turning on the debugging options menu.

  • Next, click on the power button and restart the computer.

Now the PC will start in debug mode – in the window “Recovery “ choose “Additional recovery options » and consider the options that she offers us.

  • There are three tiles here – “Continue” (this is the output and use of Windows 10), “Finding and troubleshooting ” (this is what we need), and “Turn off », – actually turning off the computer. We click on the middle button “Finding and troubleshootingth. This button may still be called “Diagnostics “.

Search and troubleshooting Windows 10

  • Next we see two buttons – “Return computer to its original state ” – this option allows you to delete or save files stored on a computer, and then reinstall Windows.
  • And the button “Additional options » – there are items like “in this menuSystem recovery “ – here we can roll the system to an earlier state.

Дополнительные параметры Windows 10

  • A section that allows you to restore the system using the system image file,
  • Next item “Download Recovery » – allows you to restore the boot sector when the system refuses to load normally.
  • Section “Command line “ allows you to start the command line for advanced troubleshooting.

Параметры загрузки Windows 10

  • Next item “Download Options » allows you to configure Windows boot options.
  • Item “Back to previous assembly “, allows you to return to the operating system, which was installed up to Windows 10.
  • We need the section “Download Options » – click on him. Here we see a list of download options that we can run. We are interested in a safe mode. Here we click “Restart » to include “Safe mode “.

Безопасный режим Windows 10

  • Using the keys of the upper functional row F1-f9, select the desired mode and press, then the computer will restart and it will be possible to perform those actions for which it, in fact, was launched.

Включить безопасный режим Windows 10

Secure system mode

Win 10 safe mode how to enter through the menu “Parameters? You can call the parameter window if you press the keys at the same time Win + I or through the window of the notification center which is located in the lower right corner of the desktop on the toolbar and click “All parameters. The parameter window opens here you need to select the “clipper”Update and Security.Enable Secure mode through system configurationGo to the tab “Recovery“and click in the center of the window”Reboot now.Безопасный режим в Windows 10After rebooting, the computer will open the recovery menu as described above. If the computer does not want to boot at all, then the key F8 when loading, nothing went anywhere and still performs its functions, only now to catch the moment when it works a little more

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