How to restore Windows 10

Restoring the system is a very useful function. It will help return the computer to work if the software crash or user actions caused problems. Windows 10 has several ways to call it.

Recovery methods

The current 2 way to do system recovery at Windows 10 will seem relevant to an ordinary user. The first is to roll back to a given control point created before. And the second involves a complete system reset. In this case, the OS will return to those settings that were at the first start.Note: in both cases, user data will not be affected. But programs or drivers can be deleted.

1 Method: Checkpoints

The operating system regularly records its states at the so-called control points. With their help, you can restore the “tens” to the previous configuration, in which the computer or laptop functioned stably. Instruction by the method of how to restore the system to Windows 10 through control points:

  1. Open the menu “Start” and start entering “Restoration”.
  2. Run the component from the search results with the receipt “Control Panel”.Call Recovery Function
  3. From the menu, select the startup option.
  4. Run the rollback procedure, select the desired configuration and click “Next”.Select a control point in System Restore

2 method: Complete system reset

The “ten” provides for the function of complete system reset. It includes the removal of all third-party programs and drivers, as well as the cancellation of updates and any settings. Open your search again in the Start. Enter a request “return computer and activate the eponymous element with a receipt “Network Parameters”.Run kick from the Start menuIn the menu that opens, click on “To begin”. Select a rollback while saving Windows 10 files.Rollback with Windows 10 user filesThe procedure will begin, and then the computer will restart. This is a convenient way to restore the system to Wing 10. He looks something like the previous one. But in this situation, the computer configuration at the time of the first launch is used as a control

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