How to restore Windows 10

With the active use of the computer, over time we inevitably download something to the computer’s memory. Often catch viruses. Sometimes it’s not possible to solve the problem of viral infection in standard ways, the antivirus program simply does not see violators.How to restore Windows 10How to restore the system on Wing 10? You can use the Windows System Recovery Tool. Roll it to its original state, while all user personal files and documents will be saved, and with the removal of all information on the computer. After the rollback, Windows will be as good as new: when rolled back, all installed updates, programs, utilities and applications are deleted. As if Windows had just been installed, with the exception of user documents and files. They will be saved if you select the recovery option with data storage. All settings will be reset.

Windows System Recovery 10

  • To restore Windows 10 to its original state, open the parameters. To do this, press the key combination Win + I, or run the menu “All parameters»Through the icon of the Notification Center on the taskbar at the bottom right .
  • Here you need to select the section “Update and Security“and go to the tab”Recovery.
  • In the column “Return computer to its original state»We press the button”Start.

Return Windows 10 to its original state

  • Here we see two tiles – where you can roll back and save personal files, but get a conditionally new OS. And a rollback according to the type of reinstallation, when everything that is downloaded, loaded and installed in Windows is removed..

Choosing Windows 10 Recovery Option

  • Next, confirm our choice, and click “Further. Here you can see the list of applications that will be deleted.
  • In the next window, a warning will again appear that all applications and programs that were not delivered with the system and reset the settings to the default values will be deleted.

Windows 10 recovery of initial parametersBefore restoring the system to Windows 10, when choosing a recovery option with the removal of all personal information, the advice to save it somewhere on another disk.

  • The entire process of restoring and dropping Windows 10 to factory settings is automatic.

This recovery option is suitable when the system is loading, but brakes are observed in the operation of the system, and to fix the situation, you can make a complete system recovery. The process is quite long, it can take time from half an hour or more. After recovery, the Windows old folder will appear on the system disk and the free disk space will become much smaller, since until the information is completely deleted, you still need to clear the disk and delete this folder. To clean the disk from unnecessary system files, you can use the built-in function of the OS “Disk Cleaning. And also a file with a list of all deleted applications will appear on the desktop so that they can later be reinstalled, if necessary.

How to restore Windows from the control point

How to do system recovery at Windows 10 from the control point?

  • To do this, the disk protection function must be enabled on the system disk.
  • We pass to the Control Panel, it is still preserved in Windows 10, and it is located in the All Applications – Service – Windows section.
  • Here you need to go to the “sectionCsafety and security»- further”System»And select the section“ in the left columnProtection systems.

Windows 10 system protection

  • See if protection is enabled on the system disk, if enabled, then simply select the local disk and click the “Bto stop»We select the recovery point.

Select Windows 10 Recovery PointHere we can see the programs and applications that will be deleted if they were installed after creating the control point and click “

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