How to enter BIOS in Windows 10

Microsoft developers with each new version of Windows innovate, improve the operating system, making it better and faster. But with all these innovations, the usual ways to solve some problems or problems, for an ordinary user, have become a little more difficult. In particular, this applies to downloading the BIOS settings menu. Naturally, in the Windows 10 operating system you can still get into the BIOS, but now it’s somewhat different than before. In the new OS. This is already the UEFI settings menu. Thanks to the implementation of the Window 10 quick boot function, which now amounts to a split second, you can simply not be able to press the Del key or other functional key to enter the BIOS. If the system is more or less normally loaded, then logging in to the UEFI menu is easy from under the system.How to go to BIOS Windows 10

Windows 10 BIOS how to go

To get into the BIOS interface on Windows 10, you need to go through the system parameters menu.

  • We call the parameter menu with a combination of two keys – Win + I (Win – This is the Windovs key, on the keyboard it is usually located in the lower row on the left). Or click on the icon “Notification Center»On the toolbar at the bottom right of the monitor. And here we select the ” buttonAll parameters.

All Window 10 options

  • Next, open the “Update and Security.

Window 10 Update and Security

  • Here, in the left column, we go to the subsection “Recovery.

Windows Recovery 10

  • We look in the center of the screen section “Special Download Options“- here we click”Reboot now.

The computer will restart before opening the BIOS to Windows 10, the system settings menu opens, where we, moving through the sections, load the BIOS interface for debugging or settings. The BIOS or UEFI interface, of course, does not pretend to be a prize of audience sympathy, everything is concise here and on business.BIOS Windows 10In addition, the vast majority in BIOS is all in English. In more modern machines, you can already meet UEFI in Russian and having a more familiar user, bright graphical interface to replace the old BIOS.Graphic UEFI Windows 10

How to go to the BIOS at Wing 10

  • After restarting the computer, the recovery window opens, in which we need to select the item “Diagnostics“or it may be referred to as”Finding and troubleshooting.

Windows 10 troubleshooting

  • Next, go to “Additional options.

Additional Window 10 Options

  • Then we switch to the “sectionUEFI firmware options.

UEFI Windovs 10 built-in OptionsIn some collections of this menu, which “UEFI firmware options“maybe not, in its place will be a section of loading options. How then to be? In this case, you can download the BIOS in a standard way, but first you need to disable the quick launch of the Windows and use the key Del when starting the system.

Shutdown Windows 10

  • To disable the Windows 10 quick start function, go to the system parameters.
  • Go to the tab “System.
  • Then select “Food and sleeping mode.

Food and Sleeping Regime Windows 10

  • After clicking on the link for additional power parameters.

Additional Window 1 -

  • Where we go to the section “Power Buttages.

Window 10 Power Buttons

  • We activate the section of the completion parameters and uncheck the quick start point. We confirm our choice.

Shutdown Windows 10Then restart the computer. Now, when the system starts, you can safely hold the key to enter the BIOS, it will work, as before in earlier

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