KMS Activator Windows 10

There are a large number of activators of the latest version of Windows. All of them are distinguished by their capabilities, ease of use, functionality, interface and other nuances. Among them, the most notable Kmsauto Net. This is the most popular activator program recognized by users as one of the best of its kind.

Download Kmsauto for Windows 10 portable-version will be available at This is an official link from the application developer. Do not download files from unverified resources, since you can get to malicious software that will steal user data. Difference portable-version from the full is that it does not require installation. The finished program is immediately loading, which is easy enough to open.

KMS activator Windows 10 main menu

How to activate the system

The first step is to download the utility at the above link, extract the archive into a convenient folder and run the executable file. 2 inscriptions are immediately thrown into the eyes: Information and Activation. When clicked on the first of them, the software will provide information about the state of the system and office applications, the presence or absence of a license. Accordingly, in this section, the user will be able to verify the success of the actions taken.

KMS activator Windows 10 program information

The second button activates the Wing 10 in automatic mode. Consider this point in more detail. The fact is that the program contains many different instructions for confirming the license of the system. Automatically, she selects the one that approaches your computer and executes the algorithm. This mode is optimal for ordinary users, since it does not require configuration, special knowledge or skills.

KMS activator Windows 10 information about Windows

It is worth noting separately the universality of this software. It is suitable for installing a license for all audits of “tens” and earlier versions of Wing, as well as for licensing office programs. In this case, the user requires a minimum of actions, since there is an automatic mode in which a fine tuning is not needed.

And advanced users will be interested in advanced parameters of the program, of which there are a lot of. Activation Windows 10 is also possible in manual mode, for this there are many settings and functions.

Now let’s move on to the System tab. Here there is the possibility of installing the service and choosing the option of installing it (automatic and manual). There is a function of recording the log of actions, where all the operations performed will be recorded. There is also a task scheduler with which it will turn out, for example, to assign regular licensing of PCs.

KMS activator Windows 10 tab system

If you want to cancel all the set settings, then you do not have to do it manually. It is possible to reset the parameters.

WinDivert – the mode in which the CCM service and a special driver are installed. Hook works in the same way, but it changes some system files. A Tap designed to replace the activation service along with the installation of an additional virtual network device.

KMS activator Windows 10 windrivert

Mode Auto will supply a license along with the replacement of some system objects. In this case, you can perform a fine tuning to completely control the process. But this is recommended only for advanced users.

Mode Noauto will deliver the license without making additional changes to the system files. It is worth using it, because other functions will be more suitable for version 8.1, as well as publicationsServer 2012.

KMS activator Windows 10 noauto

After setting all the settings of the application, click on “Install Kms-Service. It remains to wait for the process to end. When the installation procedure is completed, a message about the installation of the CCM service will be displayed. It works separately, so the application can be closed and not started when the computer is restarted. This is where the activation of the system is over. And for those who do not have a standard version Kms, A lightweight edition is offered. Read more about him in the next section.

KMS activator Windows 10 installation

Lite version

There is still Liteapplication version Kmsauto. You can download it at In terms of functionality, it is similar to the previous option. Settings are similar to the full edition. What then are the differences? They lie in different sets of utilities needed to activate Windows 10 for free Kmsauto.

KMSAuto lite version

The computer licensing button is located on the main tab. There you can configure the task scheduler. This function is very useful because the license sometimes flies off. It is enough to simply set the time interval through which automatic reactivation will be performed. And advanced users will be interested in setting the key GLVK.

In the “Settings” tab there are a large number of additional parameters that regulate the operation of the program. There you can install Kms-service that will emulate the license verification server Microsoft, as well as its parameters. In the settings you can set the time period of reactivation Win. There is the possibility of a virtual change in the system layout (replacing the display option).

KMSAuto lite version главное меню

The application has a function for deleting updates Office, that are not user involved. This tool is very useful because it allows you to make free space on a computer without formatting the necessary data. After all, not all components Microsoft Office often used.

The program allows you to remove the license from the operating system in one click. For an ordinary user, such an opportunity is useless, but advanced may be of interest to her. After all, with its help it will be possible to experiment with all kinds of activation options of Wing 10, to set various parameters.

And with the help of KmsService it will be possible to maintain the license with the possibility of its restoration. This function will be useful when selecting valid keys. If the code does not accept the code, then everything will turn out to roll back. This CCM edition of the Windows 10 activator is easy to use, minimalist to the interface, and multifunctionality.

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