What is the Windows 10 command line and how to call it

Sometimes Windows has to work with the command line in operating systems. With it, you can perform tasks that are impossible from the graphical environment of the OS. When restoring the bootloader and many other tasks.Windows Command Line 10

So how to call the command line at Windows 10

  • Method 1: you need to write a word, or rather, a phrase in the search for Windows. “Command line. But in most cases, it will be enough to type a few first letters, as the system will determine what exactly they want from it.

Windows Command Line 10

  • Method 2: Call the service “Run. You can call it by a combination of hotkeys Win + r or also through a Windows search where we write the request “Run.

Run Command Line at Windows10

  • Further, in the opened window of the service we write in small Latin letters (cmd) and click “Ok.

cmd execute command line Windows 10Such a console will appear, then you can already work with it.Windows Command Line Console 10

  • Method 3: through “Task manager. How to do this? – open the task manager with the right click on the toolbar, and in the context menu select the desired item or through the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. In the window that opens, click on the menu “File“, launch a new task where the service for creating a new task will open, where we write in the field again cmd – to launch a console with administrator rights, mark this item with a flag.

Windows Command Line 10 в Диспетчере задач

  • Method 4: one of the easiest ways from the menu “Start. On which you want to execute the right click and select a line in the context menu Windows Power shell or Windows Power shell – This is the same command line, in the environment of which you can solve a lot of tasks for setting up and setting up the system.

Windows Power Shell Command Line Windows 10

  • Method 5: You can open the command line even through the Windows folder on the system disk.
  1. We open the conductor, here we select “This computer»In which we open the system disk,.
  2. Here we go to the Windows folder again, and then we need a folder System32.
  3. In which we scroll to the end of the list of files (it is large). We are looking for an executing file cmd.exe click on it with a double click to start the command line or execute the right click to, do it with administrator rights, where in the context menu we select the corresponding item.

What is the command line in Wing 10

So: we figured out a lot of options how to start the command line, now we’ll analyze what it is and what it is for. You can enter commands on the command line and they will perform various actions depending on which command you enter and for what it is intended for. For example, you can simply open the control panel. To do this, we recruit a team start, in fact, this team is responsible for opening / launching various applications or launching some tasks. Next, write control panel, click Enter and we have “Control Panel. This way of interacting with a computer can be useful when there are some problems in the conductor and it is not possible to open a particular section of the computer except through the command line. Through the console you can perform a lot of different actions. And also the command line can be adjusted according to user preferences.Windows Command Line Settings 10When calling cmd you need to click on the top white line with the right mouse key and select “Properties“, here in the opened settings menu you can configure fonts, color sizes, window transparency and much more.@top-advice.ru

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