Windows 10 commands

Operating system Windows always characterized by ease of use. In the latest versions of the OS there are a large number of commands that allow you to automate some actions. For example, you can change the properties of the browser in the control panel to enable the display of hidden folders. But there is a special utility – Run – which allows you to go to an invisible directory without additional settings. And there are a huge number of such examples. The article is dedicated to the Windows 10 teams, which will greatly facilitate the implementation of certain actions.

“Execute” dialog box

There are several ways to launch it. The simplest is a keyboard shortcut Win + R. Another shortcut of the program can be found in the “Start” menu, the “Office – Windows»-” Run. The third option is the PCM click on the “Start” icon and the selection of the “Execute” item in the context menu.


Run – a miniature version of the Windows console, respectively, some of the functions they have the same.

Command line

Command line startup is possible through the context menu called by the buttons Win + X. It is recommended to choose a version with administrative rights, since it has more opportunities, or rather, less restrictions.



To begin with, consider the case indicated in the example. To go to hidden direct directories, a request is made:

shell:XXX“where instead XXX you need to specify the name of the folder without quotation marks.


For example, there is a directory apdata, information about installed applications is stored there, it is hidden. To open it, you need to complete the request shell:apdata. This is only for “Follow.

how to call commands to Windows 10

There is a special Win 10 command to turn off the computer – shutdown. Three attributes are relevant for her: s – shutdown of the system, t – delay time (indicated in seconds), a – cancellation.

teams in Windows 10

Accordingly, the team shutdown /s /t 120 will completely turn off the PC in two minutes. She works both on the command line and in the Run program.

computer shutdown command on Windows 10

File Compare for the command line compares the contents of text documents and displays deviations. The team will seem useful to programmers or people working with text, for example, editors.

Sometimes sloppy user actions or PC failures damage system files Windows. Team sfc for the command line, it will analyze the state of the computer and eliminate various malfunctions.

More useful computer management features can be found on the Internet.

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