Configuring Windows 10

Windows 10 is a very convenient operating system for an ordinary user. She is ready for use immediately after installing or buying a computer. But there are some nuances that will distract a person from working at a computer. It will be possible to get rid of possible negative factors by setting up the OS.

Initial settings

After the first start of the system, it is worth changing the screen resolution, otherwise the picture on the monitor or laptop will be inconvenient for viewing. Click PCM in a place free of icons on your desktop, select “W screen parameters”.

Call Screen Settings from the Desktop

The setting is done in this window.Resolution Settings in Windows 10 SettingsThen comes the installation of drivers for the video card, motherboard and various devices operating on the computer. Use the original software from the manufacturer from the disk or official website. Maintaining the latest driver versions will ensure maximum system performance. The primary moments of how to configure Windows 10 are outlined above. Now let’s move on to changing the parameters of the system components, which can interfere or help the user in the future.

Windows Defender

Windows 10 has a built-in security program that protects the system from malicious activities. But for many users, it may seem not just uncomfortable, but interfering. After all, sometimes there are notification windows that need to be closed in order to continue working with the computer. Windows Defender interrupts the launch of unsigned files, even if they are not infected with viruses.

Windows Defender's Title Window

Therefore, it is recommended to disable this component of the system. And there are two options: installing antivirus software or manual deactivation. Read about the second option in our article:  “How to turn off Windows 10 defender.

Auto update

The initial setting of Wing 10 also includes a auto-update. The function is responsible for installing the latest versions of system components. It will not be useful for everyone, so it can be turned off. For example, for holders of limited Internet, since synchronization with Microsoft servers and subsequent downloads consumes a lot of traffic.


The “ten” provides the user with ample opportunity to change the appearance of the system. This is an optional item, but setting up the interface can greatly increase the usability of the computer. For example, many do not like the lack of shortcut “My computer” on the screen screen. Return it will be according to the instructions Windows 10 Desktop

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