Windows 10 tuning: how to tune for maximum performance

After a clean installation or reinstallation, Windows 10 on a computer or laptop is required to make settings for maximum PC performance. This can be done at any time, not only after reinstalling Windows 10.Windows 10 setupTip: install operating system Windovs 10 preferably on formatted hard disk. When updating Windovs 7 or 8 to tens, preferably, after, perform a clean installation.  Pri update, the license key is forever tied to the iron and further activation occurs at the first connection to internet. If set new OS over the old one, all sores will automatically enter the new operating system, only formatting is guaranteed to ensure stable operation of the OS.

Thin tuning Wing 10

Before configure Vin 10, you first need to check if all updates are installed on the computer.

  • To do this, open the menu section “All parameters. We check the availability of updates and establish if any.

Search for Windows 10 updates

  • Then we open additional parameters with mark with markers sections for downloading and installing updates for other Microsoft products and the data usage point for input to automatically complete the installation and configuration of the equipment after updating.

Windows 10 update search setup

  • We go back to finding updates and again click to the button “Search for updates.

Installing Windows 10 Updates

Installing Video Card Drivers

We go to the website of the manufacturer of the computer’s video card and download the latest version of the driver for it. Then install. The main manufacturers of video adapters are AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce. Search by site software developer should be searched in the “Support.

Sound Drivers Update

Next step we update the sound drivers. To do this, go to the site of the sound card manufacturer (the overwhelming number of computers uses the audio adapter from Realtek). And the used Realtek High Definition Audio Drivers driver download it and install it.

Password Shutdown

Each time you turn on the computer, you have to enter a password, not all of this function suits.

  • To disable password entry when entering the system, press the key combination Win + r to call utility “Run. We write a team in the field


Configuring Wing 10

  • We shoot checkmark from “Require password when entering.
  • Press the key “Apply“and in the window that appears we enter the password.

Password shutdown at Windows 10

Settings for maximum performance

The next step will be to disable various services and programs.

  • We go to the section “All parameters“and open the section”System. Then we go to the section “Notifications and Actions»Here we remove the markers from the Windows hint point.

Windows 10 Settings Disable Submachines

  • In section Multitasking turn off automatic window ordering function.

Windows 10 Multitasking Settings

  • In section Applications and opportunities»Remove all unnecessary applications. The removal process is very simple. Some applications cannot be deleted since they are used by other applications.

Windows Settings 10 Program Deletion

  • In section Devices“-“Printers and scanners»- if there are no connected devices to the computer, they can be deleted. And remove the label from the “Allow Windows to control the printer.

Window 10 Printer Settings

  • In section Phone»We can tie the phone to a computer for synchronization.
  • We pass to the section “Network and Internet“and in the VPN tab we turn off the roaming service, and when working with limit networks.

Windows 10 connection settings

  • In section privacy you need to do a lot of outages.

Here we go through all menu items in this section and turn off everything related to data collection.

  • Next, run the Task Manager and tab Auto Download turn off unnecessary autorun programs.

Windows 10 Auto Download Configuring

  • We launch the “Execute” utility. In the dialog box we write a team


  • We pass to the tab “Services»remove everything unnecessary. Here you need to be extremely attentive and turn off only unnecessary services, such as cryptography, fax, Bluetooth (if you do not use it), and so on. The process is time-consuming, but after turning off the unnecessary services that load the system, the computer will be much faster.

Disabling Windows 10 Services

  • Open Control Panel section “System“-“Additional system options. In the window “Performance»Go to the section”Parameters. Here we switch the marker to the maximum performance item. For convenience, we note two points about smoothing irregularities in screen fonts, and displaying sketches.

Maximum Window 10 PerformanceIn the menu Start change the size of the icons, and some just delete, manage the icons in the menu Start carried out by the right mouse key.Configuring the menu Start Windows 10If an update to Windows 10 was made, then many garbage files are stored on the system disk, they must be deleted by cleaning the system disk. And also clear the Temp folder. Now you know how to configure Windows 10 for maximum

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