OneDrive not updating Windows 10

One Drive – A branded cloud storage supported by Microsoft. It is initially integrated into the system, which greatly improves the comfort of its use. But all programs have failures. And this service is no exception. What if Windows 10 is not updated Onedrive?

Problem correction

First of all, it is worth trying to find out the cause of the problem. If it occurred after installing a new program, delete it. It is recommended to clean the registry. It’s best to do it with CCleaner. This is a productive cleaning tool Windows. It is also worth putting the latest versions of drivers and Net Framework.


Recommendation: for the duration of the following actions, it is preferable to completely disable the antivirus protection by first adding all the elements Onedrive to the exception. This will increase the success of the manipulations.

not updated onedrive On Wine 10

The next step is to move the cloud files. Open the track and click on the PCM service icon, open “Parameters”. In them you need to go to the “Account” section. There is a function of disconnecting from the current computer, it should be activated. At the time, check the resulting menu of parameters. Then open the folder where the program is installed and transfer it to any other convenient directory.


Now expand the settings menu. Follow the proposed instructions, in the “Disposition” column, specify the path to the new directory where the folder was moved. The system will inform that this directory is empty, ignore the warning and confirm the choice. Complete the remaining configuration steps. Now work problems and update One Drive should not arise.

onedrive on win 10 not updated

Alternative way

In this case, we will not move the application files, but delete them for subsequent recovery by system tools. This method almost helps with work errors and updates Onedrive.

go out with onedrive for updatesne-obnovlyaetsya-onedrive-windows-10

First you need to close the utility through the track. Open the task manager (it can be started by combination Ctrl+Shift+Esc). Make sure that there are no processes for this service. If there are, close them.


Now open the Explorer Windows (double click on any folder). Insert % USERPROFILE % AppData to the address bar. A hidden directory with three directories will open.

not updated onedrive in windows 10

In each of them find a folder Onedrive, if it is and move to another place with the Scissors tool. Then open Onedrive and run a troubleshooting tool in the service. For some time, the system will need to restore the lost components. This will fix the problem with updating and working the built-in cloud.

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