Windows 10 start button not working

In some situations, a failure occurs in which Windows 10 does not open “Start”, and sometimes other interface elements. Moreover, a simple reboot of the PC does not help in its solution. Consider some simple ways to fix the Start at Windows 10.

Windows 10 Start button not working

Reload the explorer.exe process

This method does not always work, but it is worth starting to fix the problem. First you need to start “Dispatcher of tasks”. To do this, click at the same time Ctrl + Shift + Del.

Ctrl + Shift + Del menu in windows 10

In the window that appears, select the corresponding item. If “Dispatcher of tasks” opened in a folded form, then click on “More”, then the utility will turn around.

we deploy task manager

In the first tab, find the “Processes” section Windows. There should be a “Wire” point. Press PCM on it and select the restart button. Part of the system interface will disappear for a moment, but then it will recover. Perhaps this will solve the problem with the non-functioning Start.

restart the conductor in the task manager

Registry Editing

Correct the problem when the “Start” button does not work in Windows 10, it will be possible by entering small edits into the registry. It is worth understanding that this method involves interaction with system objects. Slop action can lead to computer disruption. Therefore, it is necessary to act in full accordance with the described instructions, without deviating from it.

run the command execute

First step – opening the registry editor through the Run command. Since the Start menu does not function, this is easiest to do through the hot key. Just on the keyboard click on Win (a key with an OS icon, located in the lower left corner) and R.

In the window you must go to the catalog Hkey_Current_USER. Find a folder there SOFTWARE, click on it PCM, select “Find. Insert in the search field Advanced, turn off the search for names and parameter values, remove the selection from the corresponding points.

we look in the register for the right point through find

registry search menu

Move the mouse to the right block, to the free section, click PCM, go to the option Dword. Indicate the following properties in the parameters: EnableXAMLStartMenu– the established name, zero value. It is also possible that this parameter is initially present. In this case, simply change 1 to 0.


Repair through Powershell

This method is very effective when there are problems with the Start menu. But he has a negative side – sometimes it interferes with the functioning of programs downloaded from the official Microsoft application store. And this fact must be taken into account. This method should be resorted to if the previous ones did not work.

conductor windows directory

It is used for its implementation Powershell. Since the search is tied to the “Start” menu, it will not be possible to use it. Therefore, the program will have to be sought in an alternative way. Open the directory Windows on the local disk where the OS is installed. In the search bar (it is to the left of the path area) copy WindowsPowerShell.

search for WindowsPowerShell

Go to the first section from the issue, in it open a single folder. The catalog must be present powershell.exe. Launch it with administrative rights. Instead, you can click PCM on the bottom panel of the screen, the “Command Line” item. To the terminal then you need to copy the request powershell.

running WindowsPowerShell

Both options will lead to the same thing. But in the second case, a new window will not appear, the action will need to be performed in the same console. Now paste the request “GetAppxpackage –AllUsers  Foreach {AddAppxpackage –DisableDevelopmentMode –Register “$ ($ _.Installlocation)AppXmanifest.xml”}. This should allow a failure with the absence of the Start reaction to user actions. It is advisable to restart the system after performing all the manipulations.

team at WindowsPowerShell

Alternative method

Failures in the functioning of the Start element sometimes occur due to the fact that the profile name is indicated in Russian. In this case, the document folder must be renamed or a new account with the name on the English layout should be created.

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