Windows 10 won’t boot

Unfortunately, even the latest version of Windows is not completely stable. Any computer may experience serious problems in which login becomes impossible. This includes a situation where “ten” simply does not load. Instead of the appearance of a desktop or the form of user selection, any error occurs that makes it impossible to enter the system.Possible error when turning on Windows 10The computer is almost completely losing its functionality. But in this case, it is not necessary to go to the master for repairs. You can try to fix the crash with your own hands.

Elimination of a problem

We note three options what to do if Windows 10 is not loaded. First of all, try turning on from a safe mode. Then comes the recovery of the operating system from the boot media. And the final option is to reinstall the OS.

1 method: Activation of a safe mode

When Win 10 does not boot, you should try logging in from a safe mode. You can call the selection menu when you turn on the computer, if you press F8, until a black background with several white inscriptions appears. The first time it may not work, make several attempts. When the download menu appears, select “Safe mode”.Enabling Windows Vista Safe ModeThe Enter key will confirm the action. The computer must log in. If this happened, it is recommended that you recover. You will find this function in the menu “Start”.Note: in the download menu, control comes from the keyboard, the mouse is not available at this moment. To select, use the arrow keys.

2 method: Rollback using boot media

Since Windows 10 could not be restored with debugging means of safe mode, you can try to roll the system off the boot disk. First you need to prepare the media. A convenient way presented in the article “Windows 10 boot disk. Run the computer from it. In the installation window, click on the recovery item.Enabling Windows 10 RecoveryThis will cause a standard rollback function. Just set the control point you want to return to.

3 method: System reset

If Wing 10 is not loaded, and it is impossible to restore the system, then only a complete reset remains. A separate article on our website is devoted to this topic: “Restore Windows 10”

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