Windows 10 won’t boot

No matter how stable the operating system is, it can fail. Various boot failures, or errors when installing or removing drivers. Errors during updates or just a virus infection. Most issues can be resolved using the built-in features of Windows 10. Run a malware scan and perform a system restore. But what to do if Windows 10 does not load?Often, users in this case resort to a complete reinstallation of Windows 10, while losing some important data stored on the system disk. But everything is not so scary, the Windows Bootloader can be restored, and at the same time save the OS and all the files on it.

What to do if Windows 10 won't load

How to restore Windows 10 bootloader

For starters, to restore the operating system when win 10 does not boot,we need burn the image of the operating system to bootable media. Required, the version and bit depth of the bootable media must be the same as that installed on the computer.

  • Insert our boot disk or flash drive and restart the computer. We need to get into the Boot Menu.

Usually, the Esc key is used for this purpose on desktop computers. On laptops, this can be F8, F11, F12. Or another, you can find out in more detail which key is responsible for loading the boot options selection menu on the website of a specific computer or laptop model.

  • In the Boot Menu window, select our boot media using the arrows on the keyboard.
  • Next, the Windows installer will start. Here we select the system language, and the region.
  • Click “next“, and in the window “Installinstallation” we need to select “System Restore “.

Windows 10 System Restore

  • The Windows debugging menu will open, here we are interested in the “Diagnostics” button.

System Diagnostics for Windows 10 Recovery

  • In the next window, click on the “More options” button.

Windows 10 Advanced Options

  • And here we need to select the “Startup Repair” button. Computer diagnostics will start. After which, in most cases, the problem with loading Windows 10 is solved successfully. But if it was not possible to solve the problem in this way, go to the second point.

Windows 10 boot repair failed

Restore bootloader if win 10 won’t boot

But sometimes it is not possible to restore a damaged Windows boot record using standard methods, then you can resort to the option of manually repairing the bootloader using the command line.

  • As in the previous description, we need to boot from the installation media, only here we need to select the “Command line” option.
  • Enter the command – diskpart to find out on which disk you have Windows installed.
  • After that we write the command – list </i >disk.

Information about the system disks will appear, there may be several of them, they will be marked as (Disk 0, Disk 1) and so on, you can determine which one we need by the size of the disk.

  • To view detailed information about the selected disk, or rather its letter, we write the command – sel disk 4 – a message appears that disk 4 is selected. (In your case it could be Disk 0 or something else). Windows 10 Bootloader Recovery Console
  • And then we enter the command – detail disk – detailed information about our disk will appear, we look at what letter is assigned to our system disk (in our case it is the letter D).
  • We exit the diskpart service – press Enter and enter our command – bcdboot.exe D:Windows—When the command prompt screen displays a message that the boot files have been successfully restored, you can Feel free to close the console and restart your computer.

If everything is done correctly, Windows 10 should boot successfully.

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