Windows 10 won’t start

Microsoft’s operating systems sometimes fail. A situation in which the Wing 10 does not start can catch the user at any time. And this happens for reasons not always obvious. And it is not clear what to do in this case.

Possible problems

There must be a solution for any systemic problem. This also applies to situations where the “ten” is not launched. First of all, you should always restart the computer several times. Oddly enough, the method works very often. Then you need to reset the BIOS settings to the source.Since the menu interface can vary greatly (it depends on the firmware version and the motherboard manufacturer), there is no universal course of action. View the instructions for the computer and do everything on it. Now we will dwell in detail on the three errors that Windows 10 users most often see. Basically, to solve them, it is necessary to restore the system using a boot disk. But there are other options for correcting problems.

Error 1: Computer running incorrectly

If Win 10 does not load, and the error “Computer is running incorrectly” occurs against a blue background, or something similar, then the problem with the integrity of system files.

Error of incorrect Windows 10 start

Most likely, they were damaged as a result of user actions or software failure. The problem may even cause an antivirus. In this case, for a start it is worth restarting the PC. It is likely that the OS will independently cope with recovery if the data damage is not serious. Otherwise, a manual rollback system will be required. How to do it, read in the next section.

If Win 10 does not load after the logo appears, this indicates an unsuccessful configuration of the computer in automatic mode.View of the black screen of Windows 10The system discovered a serious failure, tried to eliminate it, but failed. Full-fledged start of the computer in this case is impossible. What then to do?The solution will be the restoration of the OS. But it is impossible to fulfill it with the full-time means of the system. It will take creation Windows 10 boot disk.When it is ready, you need to change the loading order in BIOS by putting the optical drive in first place. Insert the blockhead with the system image into the computer and restart it. After some time, the installation window will appear. From below left, find the recovery point and activate it. Then select the control point and follow the text instructions.

Error 3: Boot Failure (sometimes the wording An operating system … is still found)

Disc Boot Failure Error

Such failures occur for two reasons: incorrect BIOS settings, in particular, loading order, and load damage. And what if Windows 10 is not launched, making this error. In the first case, you must log in to the Setup menu. To do this, press the special key when loading the system. It is indicated on the title screen when the PC is turned on. Most often, this is the F2 or Delete. The BIOS menu interface varies greatly, depending on the motherboard model and firmware version. In any case, you need to find the parameter where the order of loading devices is set, in the first place should be a hard drive with the system. If this did not give the necessary results, then important components are damaged, in particular, bootloader. In this case, it will help reinstalling Windows

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