Net Framework for Windows 10 x64 download

Net Framework – a set of instructions and files for the operating system required for the operation of a specific software. If this data is not installed, then when some programs are launched, various errors will occur.

There are two simple installation methods Microsoft Net Framework for Windows 10. The first of them uses the internal means of the system. To implement the second, you must download the installation package from the official Microsoft website.

Downloading libraries by internal system tools

The system has a built-in service for connecting various components. The easiest way to use it is to download no phramewark for Windows 10.

The latest versions of the library package can be installed directly from the system. To begin with, open the “Control Panel. Switch the display option to categories. There we need the “Programs” section. Open the “Enabling or Disabling …” item.

download net framework for Windows 10

The system will show the entire list of components that can be downloaded. It needs to highlight points with Microsoft Framework, only two of them. As a result, they should be marked with black squares. It will take the computer some time to put the selected components. Wait for the process to complete, and then restart the PC.

download no wine phrase 10

If this option did not help, then try downloading the installation files from the official Microsoft page.

inclusion of components no screw phrase 10

Download from official website

In some situations, using the first method to install the desired system components is not possible. In this case, you can download Net Framework Win 10 from the official page.

Link for downloading netframevork 4.7 (it includes previous versions up to 4.5) –


Download Link for Version 3.5 with the first update package –

download net framework from the official website for win 10

On the download pages you need to display Russian. Links are provided on web-version. This means that when installing software, you will need to connect to the Internet, since most of the data will be downloaded from official Microsoft servers. Accordingly, the process completion speed depends on the speed of the Internet connection.

If the method described above did not help, then the problem may lie in a system failure or other malfunction.

Possible problems and their correction

Sometimes users are faced with a situation where there is no phramed fork already installed, but does not work properly, preventing some programs from functioning. This happens due to damage to system files. You can fix the situation by fully reinstalling. It’s best to use the official utility from Microsoft.

If there are problems during installation, then you should use the recovery utility Repair Tool from developers Windows. You can download it at

Download NET Framework Repair Tool

Both programs are easy to use, do not require installation. It is enough to start the executable file and follow the instructions on the screen.

If none of the above helped, most likely you have an outdated version of Wing 10. Refresh her can by link As a result, a version of the system will be installed Creators Update, then there will be no problems with the installation of the necessary libraries.

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