Windows 10 update: how to update, update center

Since the launch of the new Windows 10 operating system, developers have already released several large and capacious patches. Of which the latter was Windows 10 Creators Update – as it is also called “Adjustment for Designers. Which brought with it a lot of interesting features and buns on the computer. In particular, this is the new Paint 3D, the implementation of mixed reality, night light and game mode. Improved Microsoft Edge, as well as significant changes in the functionality of the Windows update center and much more.Update Center how to update Windows 10When releasing another Microsoft savings package, they are automatically loaded and installed in the system. The user receives a notification about this in the area of the notification center. And if earlier the installation of the package could be postponed for 35 days, then over time this possibility disappeared, and the maximum period for which the installation can now be postponed is 7 days.

How to update Windows 10

But there are times when Windows 10 Creators Update is not installed through the update center. In this case, you can observe an endless search for updates or a download error appears. Let’s try to figure out why it’s not possible to get a package with changes.

  • A package with corrections with innovations may not be loaded due to the low speed of the Internet or unstable Internet connection.
  • As well as the problem with downloading Creators Update can occur if a non-licensed version of Windows 10 is installed on the computer.
  • Problems can occur if the system disk is full. Successful updates will require no less than 8 GB of free space on the local drive. You can make your disk space using the built-in function “Disk Cleaning.
  • A frequent situation is when patches are not installed due to the disabled firewall Windows. Third-party antivirus programs, when installed, turn off the firewall, as they themselves have a built-in firewall. Windows 10 is a very sensitive operating system and when the firewall is turned off, updates will not be installed. Enabling the Windows firewall in parameters, in most cases, solves the problem.
  • If the computer is WiFi-Fi and the traffic is limited, then there may also be difficulty downloading updates.
  • In order to successfully come to the computer new releases of packages, and their successful installation took place, all services related to automatic updates, of course, should be included.

To check and enable the update service, you need to write the word “on the taskbarServices.A classic application opens where we are looking for a service “Update Center Windovs“and if it is disabled – turn it on. Double click on the service and in the column “Launch type»switch to automatic mode, and apply the changes.

Updating Windows 10 to the latest version of Creators Update

  • To update Windows, go to the official Microsoft website, to the download page.

Windows 10 Update Download Page

  • Here, clicking on the ” buttonCheck version Windows 10»A parameter window with system information will open. The new version of Creators Update has the number 1703. If you have an earlier version, then you can update the computer to version 1703 on the Microsoft official website on the update page.

Windows 10 Update Page

  • Here you need to click on the “buttonUpdate now“after the utility is loaded onto the computer Windows10Upgrade  start updating.
  • A window opens in which we are offered to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10.
  • Next, click to receive an update, the utility will check the computer for compatibility, if everything is fine, we continue to install. (Recall, there must be at least 8GB of free space to install updates on the disk).
  • The files will start loading, after which they will be automatically unpacked.

Download and unpack Windows 10 updates

  • After some time, a message appears in the window that a reboot is required to continue the installation. Or the computer itself will restart after 20 minutes of user inaction.
  • Further installation will take place in the standard Windows 10 installation window, and even in the process, the system will restart twice to full installation. The entire process of an automatic user does not need to do anything, most importantly, be patient. If you do not have a powerful machine, then all the pleasure can stretch for hours so on 2.

Download and install the Windows 10 Version 1703 funded update, if for some reason it is not possible to get it in standard ways, you can in Microsoft Update Catalog. Here in the search bar you need to enter the desired update, it is also KB4040724 and download the package for your discharge. After downloading the package, manually install it on the computer.Download Windows 10 update

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