Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Windows 7 is a time-tested operating system. It is used by a large number of users around the world. But still, many want to switch to the “ten.

Update Ways

There are several simple options for updating Windows 7 to Windows 10. Consider three of them. The first involves the use of a special utility from Microsoft. The second is a clean installation of the operating system from scratch. And the third is updating the OS by internal means.

Method 1: Microsoft Media Creation Tool Utility

This is the easiest option to upgrade Windows 7 to 10, while saving user data. To use it, you must download the utility Media Creation Tool.Download Link – https://www.microsoft.com/ru-ru/software-download/windows10MCT does not require installation, just run the executable file, accept the license agreement and select the first update item.Upgrading to Windows 10 with Media Creation ToolThen follow the directions on the screen. A certain time will be needed for the program to download and prepare the image of the operating system. It all depends on the power of the computer and the speed of the Internet connection.Media Creation Tool Update ProgressWhen the preparatory phase is completed, the installation of a new OS on top of the old one will begin directly. In the update process, it is advisable to disable all unnecessary programs and not load the computer with watching video, playing music, and so on. Recommendations for updating through MCT:

  • To install Wing 10 in this way, at least 8 GB of space on the system disk is required. If there is not enough space, then a corresponding error will occur. In this case, you need to remove excess data or unused programs from the media.
  • The update procedure may interrupt the antivirus. All third-party remedies are preferably disabled.
  • During operation of the utility, computer reboot is unacceptable.

Method 2: Installation with an image

This method, like Windows 7 to upgrade to Windows 10, is the fastest. But it is recommended to choose it only if the use of the previous option for some reason is impossible. To begin with, you need to find a system image to create a boot media. It can be downloaded through the utility Media Creation Tool, mentioned in the previous method. Set the ISO image to load.Download ISO Image Media Creation ToolThen you will get a clean image of the “tens. The network has many custom Wing assemblies that can also be used to install. When the image is received, it must be recorded on removable media. To do this, open the folder with the file with the extension iso, click on it PCM and select the desired function from the context menu.Disk Image Recording in ExplorerThe computer will require pre-formatting the optical disc or USB flash drive, agree, then the burning will begin. When the procedure is completed, open the drive folder. Run the file there Setup.exe and follow the directions of the program.Launch of Setup.exe in ExplorerThe computer will require pre-formatting the optical disc or USB flash drive, agree, then the burning will begin. When the procedure is completed, open the drive folder. Run the file there Setup.exe and follow the directions of the program.

Method 3: System Internal Tools

The advantages of the method are that it requires a minimum of manipulation from the user. But it is the longest option to upgrade Windows 7 to 10. In addition, this method may simply not be available on the current OS. Then you should use the previous two instructions. The first step is to enable the update. It is done in the agent Windows Update Center, which is on Control panels.Windows Update Center in TaskbarSearch for updates at the Windows Update CenterThen restart the computer. An icon should appear in the taskbar Windovs. If this does not happen, activate the manual check of the updates. The second step is the reservation. Click on the resulting icon. The program will ask you a confirmation of actions, agree. The preparation of the computer for receiving the “tens” will begin. Notification of the completion of the process will also appear on the taskbar. The third step is the final one, it remains to simply update the PC. To do this, click on the icon, confirm the choice and agree to the license conditions. The procedure for installing the latest version of the operating system will begin, wait for its end.

Recommendation: if as a result of actions you have little free space on the system disk, delete the directory windows.old. It contains files from the old version of the OS that are not used. At the same time, user data will not suffer. Read more about this in our article “How to remove windows old in Windows 10”.

Possible problems

If problems arise during the update, first turn off the antivirus protection. It may interfere with the installation of the latest version of Windows. It is still worth turning off all third-party programs on PCs. In some cases, the problem is associated with a slow Internet connection. In such a situation, you should take the second way and refuse to update alternative options. If nothing helps, then it is recommended to choose the option of a clean installation. But it is suitable only for experienced users, because it requires manipulation in BIOS.@top-advice.ru

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