cleaning windows 10

Cleaning windows 10 is the whole list of various actions that can significantly accelerate the operation of the operating system as a whole. This topic interests a large number of users who have their own goals. Someone wants to increase productivity in a new game, another needs to speed up the work of Windows. In any case, you need to clean the OS at least once a month, and best of all – once a week.

Window Cleaning 10 – A to Z

Even when HR was popular, people are used to cleaning their computer from time to time. This procedure significantly increases the speed of the PC, and also provides extra space on the hard drives. But the process has changed a bit, little is left of those old methods, and if you have gotten a dozen, you need to think about new solutions to the problem. Is it necessary to clean win 10? Undoubtedly, it will affect the following nuances:

  • Temporary operating system files will be deleted. This includes both unnecessary garbage, the so-called cache. So are the backup folders and the files that create some programs and utilities;
  • All the remnants of third-party programs will be destroyed, often browsers that clog the PC heavily;
  • The registry and all its components will be cleaned;
  • All errors must be corrected;
  • Thanks to the removed garbage, a lot of excess space will appear;
  • The computer will accelerate and start working more harmoniously.

We clean Windows 10

To begin with, you need to hold the Win + I keys, a window opens in which all the parameters of the operating system are indicated. We need a tab called “System”, after its selectionclear windows 10 of garbagePress the Win + I key combination.. In the window that opens, all the parameters of the OS, open the “System” section, go to the parameters and see that we have a whole list of contents of hard drives.Windows 10 storage for disk cleaningSo you can decide whether to clean or do it later. If you have been doing this for a long time, then the process is necessary right now. Using the “Corn” and “Temporary Files” tab, which are located there, you can get rid of a large amount of garbage and unnecessary elements.Windows 10 cleaningdelete temporary files on windows 10There is another way that is much simpler. We find the icons of the hard drives and press them with the right mouse button. Next, select the properties and see the “Clear Disk” command.clear the disk on windows 10Click and wait, all data is checked. Next, we note unnecessary and easily remove them from the computer. You can also download additional utilities that will help you more extensively and efficiently clean the PC.Windows 10

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