Windows 10 cleanup: how to clean up junk files

After regular updates or transition to Windows 10, or simply over time, the computer inevitably begins to slow down or move. It’s time to clean Windows 10. It would be nice if there was such a button “Clean Windows in one click” somewhere in the system. Press it and the instantly system works again like watch, and gigabytes of trash user files and system files magically disappeared. But unfortunately, there is no such button. And in order to clear Windows 10, you need to perform a series of manipulations, which we will talk about in detail.Window 10 Cleaning

Windows 10 Disk Cleaning

Let’s start with the main, perhaps, cleaning function Windows 10. Many users know how to open the properties of a local disk, see its volume, busy and free space. But not many go further and delete the garbage files and optimize the system through this section. But now more details:

  • We click on the conductor on the taskbar.
  • Open the folder “This computer.
  • On the local disk with the system we perform the right click with the mouse. Here in the context menu we are interested in the item “Properties.

Windows 10 Local Disk Properties

  • Being on the tab “General“, click on the button”Cleaning disk.

Windows 10 disk cleaning

  • We wait until the system analyzes the system files and after, in the window that appears, we need to tick off all the points for cleaning. We delete the files.
  • Repeat this step, just now click on the ” buttonSystem File Cleaning.

Here you can find dozens of gigabytes of temporary files and outdated updates.

On our example, we will remove more 5 GB of them most of them are previous Windows settings after updating Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.Clear Windows 10 System Files

Important: after cleaning the disk from unnecessary system files, especially previous installations Windovs, roll back updates no longer will work out.

Desk and basket

A desktop is a folder stored on a system disk. And when storing large volumes of multimedia, audio and video files in this folder, the useful space on the hard drive is reduced, leading to different types of brakes and hangs. A local disk for normal operation requires at least 15 % free space from the total volume. Otherwise, there will be no room for unzipping and installing new updates. And there is no room left for swap file, which is also stored on CD C: Try not to clutter the folders “Corn”, “Worktable”, “Documents”, “Images”, “Music” and “Downloading”.

Temp folder

Windows System Folder has such an inconspicuous folder Temp. It also needs to be cleaned sometimes. With long-term computer operation, when various applications, games, updates are often installed and deleted, the volume of temporary garbage is growing rapidly. Sometimes grown to an impressive size of 10 GB or more. We go into this folder, select all the contents with a key combination Ctrl + A and press Delete. You can’t touch the folder itself, it’s an important system folder, but its contents can and even need to be deleted.Temp folder Removing Windows 10 temporary files

Auto Download

Many applications and programs after installation are loaded together with the system, often their background work only interferes, loading the system with unnecessary processes, eating back space in the computer’s RAM. These programs are automatically prescribed for computer downloads without special user permission. To reduce the load on the system, many programs from the startup can be removed, their autorun with Windows can be excluded. We do not delete these programs, we simply turn them off so that they do not work in the background all the time.

  • Launch Task manager combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc (carloading to Windows 10 is now here), and go to the tab “Auto Download.
  • We turn off all unnecessary utilities and programs.

Window 10 autocomple


You can also clean Win 10 with third-party software. An excellent utility that helps the user clean the system of various garbage and optimize this CCleaner program.

  • Launch the utility, on the starting screen of the utility click “Analysis“We wait a while. In the process, you may need to close browsers or open folders to complete the cleaning.
  • After analysis, we clean the found garbage files.
  • Switch to the tab “Registry»Also start searching for problems and fix them.

The utility is very easy to manage, free, has a Russian-language interface. No need to make any settings. The program has already initially noted all the necessary points for cleaning and optimization.

  • Next is the tab “Service»Here we can manage autocompany applications, delete duplicate files on a computer. Manage planned tasks, browser additions. Run system recovery and more.

Window 10 Cleaning с помощью CCleaner


Initially, there are a lot of programs in the Windows 10 system that are not used. In addition, we ourselves download different programs for once, they remain in the system only in vain, occupying a useful space.

  • In the menu “All parameters“-“Applications“-“Applications and opportunities»You can remove most of the unused programs. We start all computer parameters with a key combination Win +I, or click on the icon “Notification Center», where in the quick access menu we open the system parameters.
  • We click on the utility or application that needs to be deleted and press, in fact, delete.
  • Here we can move these applications to other discs.

Removing Windows 10 ApplicationsThis is the minimum set for cleaning Windows 10, there are many more different programs on the network to solve this problem. There are paid, there are free, there are useful and not very. As we see cleaning Windows 10 is a simple activity, of course, it will take some time, but it’s worth it. After these manipulations, the computer will become fast and work for it is a

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