Windows 10 errors in different scenarios

Sometimes users encounter various installation errors Windows 10 or update. They interfere with the installation process, preventing the system from functioning normally, or make it completely unused. The article mentions frequently encountered error codes during the installation and updating of Windows.

Windows 10 Errors in Different Scenarios

Microsoft is actively distributing the latest edition of its operating system. Users are lured with high performance, various innovations and design improvements. But not everything is as smooth as it might seem at first glance.

Even at the installation stage, you can encounter problems of this kind that simply interrupt the installation of the OS. The same applies to the update procedure.

C1900101 – 20004

A regularly occurring error, expressed in the fact that the installation procedure is frozen at a certain stage and does not move further. The problem happens if the installation is made from a removable media on which the Windows 10 image is loaded. There can be two reasons for this problem: the wrong image of the system and the conflict of PC equipment.

In the first case, you need to prepare the boot media using the utility Media Creation Tool. If the reason is due to a equipment conflict, then most likely the problem is optical drive. It must be temporarily turned off at the hardware level (remove all cables from the device).

C1900101 – 2000C

Error windows 10 C1900101 - 2000C

The Windows 10 update error with the C1900101 – 2000C digitally is quite common. It basically occurs when trying to transition with “seven” or G8 on the latest version of the OS.

There are many reasons for the problem. The most popular of them will be listed below, as well as ways to remedy the situation. They are located in descending order of efficiency. Accordingly, take all the points in turn until the error with this code disappears.

Ways to rectify the situation:

  • Complete removal of antivirus. It is recommended to use a special utility from the software developer for this. This also includes garbage treatment applications and registry editors, they should also be deinstalled.
  • Net download Windows. If you start the system in this mode, then perhaps the error can be avoided.
  • Disabling all unnecessary peripheral devices. You can only leave the keyboard and mouse, all unnecessary interfaces should be turned off.
  • Try using the functions of the Wing Update Center. You can still cope with the problem with the help of a special utility from Microsoft – Media Creation Tool.

It is also possible that none of the solutions to the problem will help. In this case, it is worth using the utility Media Creation Tool and perform a clean installation of the system. In this case, no errors will occur when Windows 10 starts.

C1900101 – 0x20017

installation and update error C1900101 - 0x20017

This error occurs when trying to update old versions of the system to Wing 10. It interrupts the installation procedure, but rolls back all changes to its original state, so the computer’s performance is not lost.

Failure occurs as a result of incompatibility Win 10 with anti-virus programs running on a computer, or similar applications that perform a protective function. Accordingly, it is advisable to turn them off or completely remove them. The problem may be hardware incompatibility. Disable all peripheral devices from the PC, leave only the keyboard and mouse. Try scanning the system with a command sfc /scannow on a command line launched with administrator privileges. This should fix Windows 10 error 10.


x8007025d error in windows 10

The cause of the error lies in the problems with the boot sector of the hard drive. It will be solved by full formatting. If this does not help, then you should update BIOS motherboard to the latest version, check the RAM, as well as the internal integrity of the computer (the reliability of connecting a solid state drive or hard drive).

General recommendations

Most failures can be avoided if you refuse to automatically update the system from previous versions to “ten”. It is preferable to use a clean installation from a boot drive. It’s best to take an original image MDSN. In this case, you need to save all the data in advance to removable media or to cloud storage. This is done in order to complete disk formatting during the installation process.

When installing the system, it is worth disconnecting all unnecessary peripheral devices from the computer, they can interfere with the installation procedure and cause hardware failures.

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