Windows 10 taskbar

The taskbar in Microsoft operating systems is the lower screen area, which includes a button “Start”, the function of changing the keyboard layout, the area of running and fixed programs, as well as the notification section (tray).

Design change

Windows 10 has ample opportunity to configure various interface elements, this also applies to the taskbar. It is noteworthy that for the design change it is not necessary to install special software, everything will be done using the internal tools of the system.

Size, visibility and panel position

Initially, the taskbar occupies a fixed area on the screen. Its size can be expanded.

  1. Press Win + I on the keyboard at the same time.
  2. In the menu that opens, go to the section “Personalization”.Windows 10 Personalization
  3. There, select the last category.
  4. The first item is responsible for setting the size, switch the slider to position “Off”.Resize Taskbar
  5. Point to the upper limit of the panel, the cursor display will change to the size change mode.
  6. Customize the size according to your preferences.

In the same category, you can adjust the visibility of this element. The item is responsible for this function “Automatically hide …”, activate it.Auto Hide TaskbarIn this mode Taskbar will not be visible from the beginning. You can go to work with it if you hover over the very bottom of the screen. The last interesting function is to change the position of the element. She is in the same category.Taskbar Position

Search and View Tasks

Near menu icon “Start” the “Search” buttons are originally located and “View tasks”. In the early versions of Windows, they were absent, so many ten users may not like it. They are quite easy to turn off, in addition, this will free the space in the Taskbar.

  1. Press PCM on the free panel area.
  2. Deactivate option “Show the Task View button”.
  3. Then hover over Search, in the pop-up list turn on the mode “Hidden”.Disabling Taskbar Elements

Returning these functions will turn out in the same way.

Secured Programs

Most of the taskbar at Windows 10 is occupied by the area of programs – active and fixed. In this case, we will talk about the second category. To remove the fixed element, just click on it PCM and select the corresponding item. With the addition, it is more interesting. The easiest way to contribute to the area is a running program. Right-click on it and select the attachment point. But you can add an element in another way.

  1. Go to the location of the label or the application executable (in the explorer or on the desktop).
  2. Click on the PCM element and select “Slow on the taskbar” or drag it to the appropriate area.Securing an item in a taskbar

Windows 10 has ample opportunity to change the system interface. You can customize the appearance not only for the Taskbar, but also for Desktop.

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