Search in Windows 10

Searching in Windows 10 allows you to quickly get to the desired system elements, even if their location is unknown. Just know the name. The same applies to any folders and files. In the “ten” you can start the function from the menu “Start”, in this case you can find any application. The icon for calling it is next to the list of running and fixed programs, if it has not been removed by the user.

Search icon in Windows 10

This feature is also present in the Explorer. With its help, you can quickly get to the desired document or catalog.

Search Problem Solution

Unfortunately, a computer cannot work completely without failures. Sooner or later, any user may have problems, for example, many complain that the Win 10 does not work as a search. This is a rather unpleasant situation, because a person loses the ability to quickly call a number of programs, as well as finding documents or folders by name. Search problems can arise both in the Windows Browser and in the menu “Parameters”. For each case, there will be a method for solving the problem.

Method 1: Elimination of problems

There is a special program in the Windows 10 operating system to fix data indexing problems. With its help, most likely, it will be possible to solve this problem.

  1. Press Win + R at the same time.
  2. Print in text box control, and then confirm the action.

    Call Control Panel through Run

  3. If the controls of the Control Panel are displayed by category, change the view of the icons.
  4. Click on the item “Settlement of problems”, and then “View everyone …”.

    View all categories in troubleshooting

  5. Press LKM on the line “Search and Indexing”.
  6. Follow the directions on the screen.
  7. A window with possible problems and ways to eliminate them will be displayed.

If this option did not help, then try reconfiguring the search index. Read about this in the next section of the article.

Method 2: Redesign of the search index

First of all, you need to check the performance of one service. To do this, go to the Control Panel again. There open an element “Administration”. Double-click on the shortcut “Servants”.

Services in Administration

Sort the list by name and find the Windows Search column in it. Make sure the service is currently activated and operational. If this is not so, then ask her the launch option “Automatically”, and also turn it on.

Search Service Status in Windows 10 Services

Return to the main screen of the Control Panel. This time you need to open the program “Indexying parameters”. Then click on the button “Additionally” and activate the function “Renasti”. Wait for the process to end, and then another 10 minutes. The search should function again.

Important: the reconfiguration procedure can “hang”, in which case restart the laptop or computer, and then restart it again.

Method for returning the search function in the “Parameters” menu

A situation is possible that the menu “Parameters Wing 10 does not work search. In this case, the reconfiguration of the index usually helps. But there is an alternative solution to the problem:

  1. Open the dialog box “Follow out”, the easiest way to do this from the menu “Start”.
  2. Enter command %LocalAppData % and click on the Enter button.
  3. Unlock folder Packages, go to its very bottom and double-click on the catalog in whose name is present immersivecontrolpanel.

    Needy folder in Windows Browser

  4. Further – Localstate.
  5. Click PCM for section Indexed and call its properties.
  6. Click on the item “Other” and activate the option “Allow indexing …” then accept the changes.

Important: sometimes the “ten” does not have the Indexed folder. In this case, this method of solving the problem cannot be performed. Try the option of reconfiguring the search index. If this did not help, then use the computer rollback. In all details, this process is described in our article “Restoration of Windows 10”.When you complete all the described actions, you must wait a few minutes (preferably – no less than 5). At this time, catalog indexing will go. Then try using the search. The function will work

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