Sound problems in Windows 10

When installing or updating a computer with Windows 10, problems may occur. Some of them are related to sound. Even when Windows 10 just appeared – when releasing the beta version of Technical Preview, when installing it on a computer, there was a frequent sound problem. After installation or update, there was no sound. But with the release of the final assembly, all errors were corrected. And if it happens that on a computer with Windows 10, after installation or updating, sound disappears, you need to understand the reasons and try to fix them.Windvos Sound Issues 10Windov 10, as in previous versions, the developers have built a certain package of drivers for various devices, including sound ones. This is done so that after installation or connection some peripheral devices, in particular sound equipment, it is determined automatically and immediately after installing it, it immediately starts to work automatically. If you recall the old days, then after installations of the Windows XP operating system, almost no device worked, and it was necessary to manually install drivers for them.

Refresh sound driver

If such a problem already appears in Windows 10, most likely the driver, which is available in the Windows 10 library, does not fit the sound card. Accordingly, in this case it is better to use the driver that was complete with a sound card. If the sound card is built-in, the driver must be searched on the disk for the motherboard in one of the folders. Or you can contact the Internet, go to the laptop support site or to the website of the motherboard manufacturer and from there download the latest version of the software for a particular device.

  • You can update drivers and automatically for this we go to Dispatcher devices. On the button “Start»doing the right click and in the list we select the corresponding item.
  • Here we find our equipment, perform the right click on the line with the driver and select the item “Refresh driver.

Update Windovs 10 Sound Driver

  • Next, we are interested in the automatic search for a driver on the network. Based on the scan results, if a suitable driver is detected, it will be installed. Naturally, for this procedure, the computer must be connected to the network.

Automatic Window 10 driver search

Download sound driver

Often the culprit of missing sound on a computer is viral infection. Yesterday there was a sound, but today it’s gone. When trying to update the driver, nothing is obtained, the system writes that the suitable software has already been installed in the system. In this case, you need to scan the computer for malicious infection, and then install the sound driver from the official website. For sound devices, the most common driver is Realtek HD Audio Drivers. You can download it from the official website.

  • Before installing, it is better to delete the one in the computer.
  • Run the built-in utility Device Manager, open the list audio devices, open the properties with the right mouse click.
  • We pass to the section “Driver“and delete it clicking by the button of the same name.
  • Then you can start a clean driver installation for sound devices.

No sound on the computer

The banal reason for the missing sound on the computer is a shifted slider to a position (0) in a volume mixer. You can look at what level the slider is set if you click on the sound icon, similar to the horn in the taskbar in the lower right corner. We open the volume mixer by clicking on this icon and move the slider to the right. By releasing the slider, you can hear the characteristic sound of the system.Window's volume mixer 10

Misconfitting equipment

If no actions with drivers helped, perhaps the problem with the equipment itself, the columns themselves do not work or the sound card is faulty. The functionality of the speakers on the computer can be checked if connect them to another deliberately working device, to the phone, for example, and turn on the music. You can only reveal a malfunction of the sound card itself in the service center. And even in this case there is a way out, with a faulty sound adapter you can use an external USB adapter, it can be easily connected to a computer and enjoy the sound of your favorite tracks or

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