Windows 10 desktop: setup and secrets

Windows 10 has ample opportunity to configure the desktop interface. All changes are made from the “sectionPersonalization. It opens through the desktop context menu, caused by pressing the right mouse button on the free area.Personalization in Windows 10

Desktop Settings in Windows 10

In total, there are six tabs in the “Personalization” section, each of which is responsible for changing a specific parameter. Consider them in more detail.


In this tab, you can set the image for the desktop displayed in the background. It turns out to select not only predefined pictures, but also your own images. There is the ability to configure slideshow from images.Setting the background in Windows 10


Here you can change the color scheme of the “Start” menu, as well as the taskbar. Originally Windows 10 adjusts the interface color to the background image, but this function can be turned off and configured at its own discretion.Color setting in Windows 10

Lock screen

In this tab, it is possible to change the appearance of the lock screen. For it, you can set the background image from the presented or use your own. There is a function that displays information about certain programs (so far only system applications are supported).Windows 10 Lock Screen Settings


In previous versions of Wing, there was a choice of topics. They migrated to the “ten. There are few topics to be provided, but the library can be expanded if supplemented with new elements from the Internet. And soon it will be possible to install topics from the Store Windows.Setting Topics in Windows 10


In this tab, personalization of the Start menu interface is possible. The most interesting function of those presented is its full screen deployment. It will also be possible to change the display of individual elements, expand the space for tiles and enable the mode of recommendations.Configuring Start in Windows 10


The taskbar is the area of the screen where the “Start” menu is located, a list of running and fixed programs, as well as the notification area. In this tab, you can perform its personalization.

First, you can change the location of the taskbar. For example, move it to the left side of the screen. Secondly, a miniature mode is available – “Use small. Thirdly, there is a separate section with editing the parameters of the task area, which is also called the track. And this is far from a complete list of possibilities.Configuring the Taskbar in Windows 10

Font size editing

You can edit the size of the labels on the screen. However, the size of the various elements on the Windows 10 desktop will change.

Click Win + I, open the “System” section. There is a font adjustment slider in the window. Initially, it has three provisions: standard size, an increase of 25 percent and an increase of 50 percent. It is worth understanding that if you set the slider to the right, then some elements on the screen will fit or will be displayed incorrectly. Confirm the changes and close the window.Scale setting in Windows 10


In the “seven” there was the possibility of adding various widgets to the main screen. But in the “ten”, the developers decided to abandon this function. Utility Gadgets Revived revives gadgets for Wing 10 desktop. It integrates closely with the system, distributed free of charge.

Living wallpaper

Initially, the system lacks the ability to select live wallpapers. But third-party programs contribute to this function. One of the best among them is considered DeskScapes. It contains a large library of live wallpapers available for use. It can be expanded by downloading new topics from the Internet. The program has an intuitive interface with which anyone will deal.

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