Working with passwords in Windows 10

Password is an important security element that protects user personal data. B Windows 10 secret combination can be changed, set, edited, restored, and also turned on and off the input request.


The user is given the opportunity to assign a password at the Windows installation stage. But you can put a secret combination later.

Turn on password on computer Windows 10 is pretty simple. All settings associated with entering the system can be assigned to the account management menu.

passwords in windows 10

Click Win + I, this will open the parameters of the system. There you need to click on the item “Accounting records. Access settings are adjustable in the “Input Settings” section. Next to the password information block is the “Add” button, click it and follow the instructions on the screen.

change password to win 10

Password request setup

Even for the password-protected Windows profile, you can configure the input without entering the secret code. To do this, disable the combination requirement for a specific account.

Run the Run program (you can find it in the context menu caused by simultaneous pressing Win and X). In the text box, copy control userpasswords2 and execute the command. The system profile settings menu opens. From the entire list, select your account and uncheck the box opposite “Require input …”, and then apply the changes. The system will request password entry.

command to execute with wines 10

Similarly, you can re-insert the secret code request if for some reason it has been deactivated. Instead of entering a password combination, you can set an alternative option for confirming your identity. In the menu “Input Settings” of the “Account” section there are settings for the PIN code and the graphic key. They will become available when a password is tied to the current user, while partially replaced.

rabota-s-parolyami-v-windows-10working with passwords for Windows 10

Change and delete

Change and deletion of the secret code are combined into one section due to the fact that, in fact, this is the same action. In the first case, the first arbitrary set of characters changes to another, in the second – the first set of characters changes to an empty set of characters (and this is the same as the absence of a password).

passwords for wines 10

There are two simple ways to edit and delete a password: through the settings of accounts and through the command line. Each of them is suitable for all editions Windows 10 and profile types.

change of password of the wine account 10

Account Settings

According to the instructions from the installation point, open the menu “Input Settings. A little lower than the “Parole” section, the “Change” button will appear. If you click on it, the system will first ask to enter an old combination, then a new one, confirm it and specify the phrase as a hint. If you leave the graphs blank, the password will be completely deleted. In the future, it will be necessary to re-install it. Along with this, the methods of entering through the input of the PIN code and the graphic key will be disabled. This is the first way to change your password to Windows 10. Now let’s move on to the second option.

password change on win 10installation of a new password in wines 10

Command Line Call

This time the operation will be performed through the command line. You can run it from the context menu that you can call when you click on the keyboard Win + X. You need to select a component with the “Administrator” attribute. Then it remains only to sequentially enter commands.

call the command line on the wines 10

Request net users displays all users registered in the system, including inactive ones. You need to find the account with which the operation is performed, and remember its name, it will be required in the future.

Now write the following in the console: net user AAA BBB

Where instead AAA you need to specify a name from the previous paragraph (it consists in quotation marks if it consists of several words), and instead BBB – the desired password. If you want to delete it completely, then specify “” instead of the second element.

users windows 10

The system will save the changes, the next time you start the PC you will be asked to introduce a new combination. And in the latter case, it will be enough just to choose a user if there are several.


Online way

How to find out the password Windows 10 for account Microsoft? For this, a special section is provided on the developer’s website. Go to and select the appropriate item. Then just follow the prompts on the screen, you will be asked to indicate the login for the account, as well as enter the captcha. In the end, it will be possible to reset and re-configrate the secret combination.

reset password on windows 10

Offline way

But if the user forgot the password Windows 10 for the local profile, then its recovery will be much more difficult. This method involves using a flash drive or disk with Live CD. Download the computer using the drive with the “living” image Windows. Turn on the recovery mode, there go to “Endist.”. It remains only to open the command line in the menu of additional settings.

In turn, drive two requests: diskpart, and then list volume. There will be a list of local disks. Find the one on which the operating system is installed, and remember its label.


Now take the following commands one by one:


move section with the system:windowssystem32utilman.exe section with the system:windowssystem32utilman2.exe

copy section with the system:windowssystem32cmd.exe section with the system:windowssystem32utilman.exe

Instead of “section with the system”, you need to specify the volume label that you learned earlier.


The essence of these actions in the substitution utilman.exe, responsible for the start of special features (Lupa tool and so on) on the authorization screen to the user’s profile. File changes to executable document cmd.exe, responsible for starting the command line. As a result, it becomes possible to open the Command Line application even before entering a secret combination.

When all the actions are completed, it remains to start in the installed version of the system, and not from the media. Therefore, it is advisable to first turn it off from the computer. It is better to use the request for reboot wpeutil reboot, but you can execute it using the appropriate button on the PC body.

Wait for the system to boot. At the login stage, click on the inscription “Special Features” from the bottom of the screen. As a result, the command line will open. It remains only to edit or delete the access code. The instruction for this task through the command line is described in the section of the article “Change and Removal”, the second paragraph.

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