Windows 10 registry

All settings and operating system parameters are cataloged in a single database – Win 10 registry. It contains any options for the Control Panel and much more. The location of all installed applications on the computer is recorded in the register, any changes in their work are also reflected, including deletion.


The registry catalog has a physical location. It is located in the system section System32config.

Config folder in Explorer

If you try to open this folder, a warning will appear. But there is no particular point in this, just like in a direct change in parameters. To do this, Windows has a special utility – Registry Editor.

Registry Editor

Run data utility will be possible through the dialog box “Follow out”, which is located in the section “Office – Windows Start.

Location of Run item in Start

Enter the text line regedit, then click “Ok”. It can also be called from the search. It is activated by pressing Win + Q at the same time. Drive the same request into the field and open the first item from the search engine.

regedit in search of the Start

These are the simplest ways to log in to Wing 10.


Important: when changing registry settings, there is a risk of some system components failing. This is an extremely undesirable outcome because it will require Windows 10 recovery. It will be avoided by saving backups. This is done from the menu File, select item “Export …”.

The Wing 10 registry editor consists of many directories and partitions related to different computer parameters. You can navigate both directly, sequentially opening each folder, and using the search. It is activated by F3 or pressing Ctrl + F at the same time (the combination is the same as in the browser).

Search in Registry Editor

You can also start the search from the context menu caused by pressing PCM on the desired folder. To resort to changing registry parameters is only as a last resort, if required by the instruction to correct a problem or to include an additional system

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