Airplane Mode Windows 10

The “On Air” mode is familiar to all owners of modern mobile devices. When activated, all connections are terminated: the Internet, mobile communications, and so on. A similar function is present in the Windows 10 operating system.It is designed for laptop owners. Activation in Wing 10 mode “On the plane” closes access to the Internet connected via the built-in 3G / 4G modem or Wi-Fi connection. This will be useful for saving energy and saving battery resources. And the name is associated with flights in which the network switches to roaming, and Internet tariffs become much more expensive.

 Function deactivation

Sometimes this function is enabled without the knowledge of the user. In this case, access to the Internet is partially and completely blocked. And it’s far from always clear how to turn off the “On the plane” mode in Windows 10. After all, the location of most elements has changed, when compared with previous versions of operating systems.Network and Internet in Windows 10 OptionsThis function is moved to a new menu “Parameters”. There are two ways to open it:

  1. Open the menu “Start”, find the icon in the shape of a gear and click on it.Settings in the Start menu
  2. Window “Parameters” it will also be possible to call using Win + I hotkeys.

Open the section there “Network and the Internet”. There is a tab in it “The regime“ on the plane ”, go to her. All that remains is to deactivate the option “Disabling Wireless”. And then enable both parameters in the section “Wireless devices”.

Problem solving

In some situations, a laptop when a Win 10 user has disabled the “On Air” mode may fail. For example, the function is deactivated, and it is impossible to connect to a mobile network or Wi-Fi. First of all, you need to return to the settings window and there return the working condition for all network adapters. If the action did not help, then the problem is drivers. They must be updated from the manufacturer’s website. But before that, you need to find out the name of the device. The easiest way to do this is with the Device Manager.

  1. Click PCM on the Start icon.
  2. In the context menu, click on the item Device Manager.Device Manager in the Start Context Menu
  3. In the window that opens, go to the section “Network Adapters”.
  4. There, look at the manufacturer and device model.
  5. Then use the search and find the latest drivers.

Important: Do not download software from unverified resources. It is likely that along with the driver, a virus will appear on the computer that will conduct malicious activities. The easiest way to go to the laptop manufacturer’s website and from there download the desired software. This option is recommended.

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