Windows 10 blue screen of death

The blue screen of death is one of the most famous failures of operating systems from Microsoft. Even its name was invented by users themselves. It got distribution back in XP. But there is a blue screen in Windows 10.

Description of the problem

Many users believe that the blue screen of death (an alternative name is Blue Screen of Death) is the problem itself. But in reality, this is a form of displaying a system failure that led to a departure from the OS. This means that you need to fight not with BSOD, but with the circumstances that caused it.View of the Windows XP Blue Death ScreenThere are a large number of such reasons, but all of them can be divided into 2 global groups: software and hardware. In the first case, we are talking about a conflict of drivers, viral activity and other circumstances. In the second – about overheating of the computer, failure of some components, and so on. As such, there are not very many ways to solve the problem. One of the following will definitely work in your case.

Method 1: BIOS Settings Reset

About the way to open the Setup menu, read in our material “How to go to BIOS in Windows 10”. There you need to find a recovery point for the initial settings and exit with the changes. Perhaps this will lead to a correction of the error.

Method 2: Discharge the system to its original state

If death screen in Windows 10 appears regularly, but still sometimes it is possible to enter the system, then the problem is most likely programmatic. In the “ten” there is the possibility of discharge to the original state. This function is somewhat similar to a complete reinstallation of the OS. All third-party programs are deleted, any settings are canceled. But it’s possible to save user data. Open the search from “Start”. Enter a word in the text box “return” and run the appropriate utility.

In the window that opens, click on “To begin”. Next, the system will offer you a rollback option with saving user data and with complete cleaning. Choose the optimal one and wait for the end of the recovery procedure.

Method 3: System Recovery

Restoring a system is called returning a computer to its previous state, in which there were no failures. For this, control points are used. They contain a system configuration for a certain point in time (installed programs, settings and much more).Rollback execution:

  1. Press Win + S buttons on the keyboard at the same time.
  2. Drive into the text box “restoration”.
  3. Open the item with the mine “Control Panel”.

    Recovery from the Start menu

  4. Click on “Start system recovery”.
  5. Roll back from the recommended control point, then restart the PC.

This is where problems with Blue Screen of Death must be addressed.

Method 4: Reinstalling Windows

This option should be resorted to only if the previous three did not give the desired result, or their implementation is not possible. Reinstalling Windows 10 is an extreme measure. After all, absolutely all the data on the computer is erased. Everything will have to be configured and downloaded again. The first step is boot disk creation (requires a work computer or laptop). Then, in the BIOS settings of the main PC, you need to set the start from the optical drive and exit using the changes. After some time, the installation procedure will start. At the stage of choosing a place to place the system, you need to delete all sections, and then re-create them and format them.

Windows 10 Installation Procedure

The entire installation will take no more than 30 minutes. After the first computer reboot, you need to remove the disk from the optical drive. And at the very end, it is necessary to return the order of devices to the original state. The installation procedure will continue, at the end, customization of user parameters will go: creating an account, synchronizing with Microsoft servers, and so on. So you can fix the error with the blue screen Win 10.If the actions did not give the desired result, then the problem with the hardware component of the PC. Without special knowledge and equipment, it will not work out to accurately determine it. It is recommended to contact the computer workshop for qualified

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