Windows 10 account

When the computer starts first, the user is available to create an administrator account Windows 10. OS profiles are local and online. This is the name of a specific data package located in a specially designed folder on the disk. This array contains any information about the user, his ability to interact with the system and various limitations.

If you specify, you can highlight information about authentication (this is the name of information about how to enter the account), all kinds of personalization (image on the desktop, interface design, a list of automatically downloading programs and so on), permissions to view various files and folders and edit them.

To log in, you need a user login (usually his name) and password if it has been configured. The latter is contained in an encrypted format, it is impossible to decode. Another account information includes an avatar. This is the name of the miniature identifier picture that the user independently chose.

A local type account is valid for only one device.

Account Microsoft

The ability to log in through the Microsoft account was also present in Windows 8. She was transferred to the latest version of the operating system. Local user and accounting capabilities Microsoft at certain points they differ, and in favor of the second.

One of the most important features is an easy way to recover data if it has been lost. Everything is done on the official website of the developer, you do not need to enter commands into the console, use a living image of the OS and apply other manipulations.

setup account

It can also be noted that along with authorization Microsoft opens up access to many online services. Such an account is non-local, which means that all settings and data can be transferred between different devices.

Create a new user

Creating a Win 10 account is actually quite simple. To do this, open the Run program. The easiest way to click PCM on the “Start” icon and find it on the list. Copy to the text box “control userpasswords2. The Windows account management service will open. Press the “Add” button in the window. If it is inactive, then check the box opposite “Require to enter the name.

creating a new wine account 10

And then there is a choice. It will turn out to start not only the Microsoft profile, but also the local profile. For the second option, click on the inscription “Entrance without …” below the window. And then just follow the clues.

choose to add user

The created profile will receive guest rights. They can be expanded in the settings of accounts, the section “Family and other users” is responsible for this parameter.

Account Disabling Microsoft

In some cases, you want to delete the Microsoft account in Windows 10 by clicking on the local profile. In this case, user data will only be stored on this computer. No settings can be transferred to other devices. There will also be big problems with password recovery if it is lost.

disconnection of the account in wines 10

Before starting, you need to close all working programs and maintain progress, as you will need to restart the PC. The first step is to open the Windovs parameters (press at the same time Win + I). In the window that opens, click LKM on “Accounting Entries”, you need the category “Your Data …”. Then click on the inscription “Come in instead. The service will request a password from the profile Microsoft. In the next window, you can edit the data to authorize the user, including the name.


In the end, the system will ask you to go out, and then go under a new profile. Now the OS has a local accounting.

turn off the account on Windows 10

User deletion

First of all, you need to perform all the actions described in the previous paragraph in order to untie the user from Microsoft services. And then you can delete the Win 10 account. But it is worth remembering that at the same time all user data will be lost. Therefore, it is advisable to save the necessary documents in advance.uchetnaya-zapis-windows-10

You need to open the computer parameters (in the “Start” menu, click on the gear icon or press it at the same time Win + I). There, find the column “Accounting Records. The menu “Family and other people” is responsible for setting this parameter.

deletion of account in Windows 10

It remains only to click on the name of the user whose removal is planned. The corresponding button will appear, press it. There will be a warning about the consequences of your actions. It will be indicated that all user data will be erased, so it is advisable to pre-save all important documents. Confirm account deletion and wait for the process to complete.

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