Remote Desktop Windows 10

Windows 10 has the ability to configure remote access to the computer. This function greatly facilitates the administration process. The essence of remote access Win 10 is that you can connect to another device via an Internet connection to a specially configured computer and manage it remotely.

Consider this feature in full detail. And for starters, it’s worth noting that connecting remote access is possible without using third-party software. Windows 10 has special built-in utilities for this. They do not require installation, are immediately ready for use and once again do not load the system.


First you need to prepare all the elements. The primary task is to configure the computer. Desktop synchronization is performed through a type connection RDP, configured on the local network. At home, this is pretty simple. Computers can be directly connected via network cards and Ethernetcable to each other. Alternative – connection to the home network WiFi.


It will also be possible to organize remote access on the Web. Just find out IP-Pc address. It will be required to establish the connection. Usually dynamic is used on home internet IP-address. Therefore, it must be converted to static.

remote desktop in Windows 10

Go to the track, click PCM on the network icon and select “Network Management Center. Open the information of the current Internet connection. There will be indicated IP-address used to connect.

select network information

Now close the window and go to the properties of this connection. Among all the components, find “IP versions 4 ”and open its properties. Turn on manual input of parameters and transfer data from the connection information in the following order:

  • In the column “IP-address “enter data from the item” Address IPv4;
  • In the column “Coppy mask” – from the point “Coppy mask IPv4;
  • In the column “Basic Gateway” – from the “Default Gateway IPv4;
  • In the column “Considered DNS-server ”- from the paragraph“DNSserver IPv4;
  • In the column “Alternative DNS-server ”enter the value“ ”.

network connection information

Now accept the change. If everything is completed successfully, a static address will be valid for the computer. You can pass this stage, then when the network reboots, the connection will be reset.

All these actions can be performed by setting the router. Many of their models have the ability to install static IPaddresses. You can ask the Internet provider for help in this matter, it transforms everything at the hardware level.


It’s just that it won’t work out to include 10 remote desktop in Windows. Protocol setup needed RDP with the issuance of necessary permits.


Open the “Management Panel”, display the option of viewing “Signs”. Find the System shortcut and double-click on it. The PC information tab opens. In the left toolbar, click on the settings item.

find remote access settings

In the window that appears, you should include permission to organize remote connections with the PC data and mark the column “Allow connection …”. Then the changes should be applied. In the same window there is the possibility of issuing permits for connecting certain users. Using this function improves remote access security.

allow remote connections to this computerremote desktop


In this case, the installation of software for setting up Windows 10 remote access is not required. A special service is built into the system, organizing the connection. Run it is easiest through search (Win + Q). Enter the start of the Connection to request. Launch the program from the first place of the search issue. It remains only to enter all the necessary data for establishing the connection. Now you can control another computer remotely.

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