Manage account passwords in Windows 10

Windows 10 there is a system of accounts. Different computer users may have rights, opportunities, restrictions on access to certain data, and so on. To enter a specific account, you must know the secret combination – password. He is responsible for the security of user data. The article will discuss how to remove the password on Windows 10, install it, restore the forgotten combination and completely turn off.

Password setting

In the easiest way to put a password on Windows 10, is the user access setting. First you need to go to the system parameters. To do this, open the “Start” and click on the gear icon. There, open the “Accounting Records” section.Section Accounts in Windows 10 Settings

All settings regarding access are set in the “Input Settings” category. It will be possible to set a password combination, enable authorization via a PIN code or a graphic key. The setting is extremely easy, just follow the directions on the screen.

Password change

Security requires regular password changes from the account. This also applies to users of Windows 10.

Open the “Start”, click on the icon in the shape of a gear. There, find the “Accounting Records” category. Select “Input Settings. There will be an appropriate button to change the code combination. You first need to enter an old sequence, and then a new one along with a hint. If you do not have a local account, then to perform these actions you will need to connect to the Internet. In this case, the changes will affect the account Microsoft.Change Password in Windows 10

Reload the computer and try to log in with the new code, everything should work.

Recommendation: if you change the secret combination to simplify the entry, you can instead enable the PIN code or graphical password. They will replace standard access.

Alternative way

Right-click on the “Start” icon. In the context menu, click on the “Command Line (Administrator)” column. Copy there net user. Remember your username.View current user in Windows 10

Then enter the command:

net user XXX YYY

Where instead XXX you need to insert a name from the previous paragraph, and YYY – desired code. This method is only suitable for the local user.Change Password on the Command Line

Password deletion

The option of deleting a password on Windows 10 is available only for local accounting. Accordingly, first you need to disconnect the connection with the account Microsoft, if they are synchronized.

Open the command line (terminal) with administrative rights. Then enter net user. This command will display a list of all users registered in the system. Find the right one from them and remember its name. Then write the command “net user XXX “”where XXX – account name. If it includes a few words, then it must be enclosed in quotation marks. Now, when starting a computer, there will be no request to enter a secret word.

Password deletion in Windows 10


What if the secret combination is lost? In this case, you will need to reset the password. Running it is much easier if you are logged under the Microsoft account. But there is also the ability to reset a local user account.

Microsoft Account

How to reset password on Windows 10 for account Microsoft? Do it only online. Open the, link there, select the first item. You will be asked to enter the login from the account and verification characters. Follow the prompts on the page, then letters with password recovery will come to the mail.Microsoft Password Reset

Local user

But resetting protection for a local user is much more difficult if there is no binding to the Microsoft account. It will require special software (if you do not have a Professional or Corporate edition of the system), as well as difficult manipulations. To complete the task, you need to be a confident PC user.

First you need to prepare Live CD, on which there is the ability to interact with the file system. The first step is to download a computer from such a drive (drive or flash drive). At the moment where the language is offered, find the “System Restore” button. Go to the system troubleshooting section, open “Additional Settings” there and start the terminal.

In it, sequentially copy the 2 request: “diskpart“and then”list volume»(they are introduced without quotation marks). Partition List Displays HDD. Lock the section label that contains the operating system. Understand where it is installed, it will turn out in size. Then write to the console Exit.

Password reset in Windows 10 via Live CD

Then enter in sequence:

move Tom label:windowssystem32utilman.exe Tom label:windowssystem32utilman2.exe

copy Tom label:windowssystem32cmd.exe Tom label:windowssystem32utilman.exe

Where is the “volume label” – the section that contains the OS. The essence of these teams is that utilman.exe used to start the special features function when logging in. And we replace it with an executable command line file. As a result, it turns out that it becomes possible to start the command line even before entering the password.

Transfer of the utilman file

It remains to restart the computer. It is preferable to enter the console wpeutil reboot, alternative button Reset on the system unit. During loading, pull the drive with Live CD from the computer so that the start goes from the hard drive.

When the login window appears Windows, click on the special features column from below the window. This will cause a command line. In the terminal you need to enter: net user “Name” “code”, where “name” is replaced by the username and the code is replaced by a password combination. If you do not know the name of the account, you can find out on request net users.

When all actions are completed, a new security code will be installed, which can immediately be used to enter Wing 10.

Password Shutdown

Now let’s figure out how turn off the password to log in. Click Button Win + R, paste into the text box Netplwiz and execute the command.Run Netplwiz The account service will open. In the window, you need to click on the username, uncheck the login confirmation item and apply the changes.Password Shutdown in Windows 10

The system will ask you to specify the password twice, enter it. Now the computer will start without requesting password characters, check it out after the first reboot. To cancel the changes, you just need to return the checkmark back.Confirmation of password disconnection in Windows 10

In this mode, the computer will start faster. But it is worth understanding that user data is not protected in any way. This method is suitable for all types of Windows 10 accounts.

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