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Accelerating windows 10 is the main task for most gamers who like to squeeze all the juices from their computer. They do not have the speed that the system provides standard. Also, do not forget about other users, they have another reason – the PC starts to work slowly over time, after installing many utilities and programs. How to speed up Windows 10?This question concerns not only dozens, but also previous versions. Our instruction will help you speed up the operating system several times without any unrealistic effort. Everything is very simple and feasible by any person. You do not need to be a programmer or computer genius in order to make your Windows faster. Just know a few tricks.

Win 10 speed up work – is it real?

Immediately say that the performance of the computer will not be changed in our instruction, this is not the topic. We will tell you that most often Windows 10 slows down and does not allow it to operate at full capacity. Just a few simple rules, and your operating system will gain new youth, it will “fly.Let’s look at the main problems:

  • A large number of programs in the autorun;
  • Lots of shortcuts on the desktop. And also utilities according to the type of weather forecast and so on. They “eat” performance very much. It is worth considering that some gamers make the system as simple as possible in order to increase the power of the PC to the maximum;
  • Programs that relate to additional devices by type of printer or scanner;
  • Viruses. Everything is very simple here, the virus in any case destroys the operating system and computer, there is simply nothing to say. By the way, an interesting fact is that an antivirus can greatly slow down the computer;

Consider autocompany programs as the main cause of all ills. It is because of the large number of programs that run with the operating system that often starts braking Windows 10. This applies not only to the latest version, but to all previous ones, it has always been.how to speed up windows 10

Problem solution

The main problem is that most of the programs that we download to the computer are standardly launched when turned on. An example is torrent or skype. If you downloaded them and do not go to start programs, they will always start when turned on. To begin with, it is worth recalling that such a busy operating system will run for a long time.task manager Windows 10In some cases, it may take several minutes. And if everything depended on the power of the computer, but even on the fastest and most powerful there is such a problem. You must go to the startup program and find a list with all the installed programs. There, on the right, there will be checkers. This means that the utility turns on automatically when the operating system starts.autofload windows 10 to speed upYou just need to uncheck the checkbox and leave only those programs that you really need constantly. For example, it is better to leave an antivirus there. You will just forget to turn it on during the Internet, the result is a large number of viruses provided. But why the torrent turned on? This program helps to download files, so it is worth running directly during this process. It is also worth remembering that sometimes outdated drivers can become the cause of system congestion. The system almost always updates them, but if this function is turned off, you can use the same “woods” for years. Over time, they become so outdated that they begin to slow down the computer.@top-advice.ru

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