Speed up Windows 10

Even powerful computers will begin to slow down over time. But to a greater extent this applies to old PCs. Regular updating of components is very expensive. But there are programmatic ways to speed up Windows 10.

System optimization

Improving system performance is often called optimization. What could be connected with that the computer began to work more slowly? This is caused by filling out the operating system with a program, residual files, various cache and many others. Also, disk fragmentation and autoruning also contributes to reduced productivity.

Stage 1: Memory Cleaning

The first step in optimizing the system is to clean the PC or laptop memory. There are many special programs for this, but this action is also available without them. Unlock the catalog “This computer” (it displays all disks and removable media). Click PCM on the section on which the system is installed, and reveal its properties.System Section Properties in ExplorerYou will immediately see the option “Disk Cleaning”, activate it. Then check all the points in the form from above and click “OK”. When the procedure is completed, go back to “Disk Cleaning”, but this time choose “Clear system …”. In this window, do the same as in the previous one. Now Windows will be less loaded with temporary files. The computer will work faster. Now it’s worth moving on to defragmentation.

Stage 2: Disk Defragmentation

Defragmentation of the disk will make the launch of programs faster. Their speed will also increase. Again, open the properties of the system section. But this time, enter the tab “Service”. Activate the optimization option there.Optimization option in system disk propertiesHighlight the desired disk and click on “Analyze”. When the process is over, press the next button.Defragmentation in Disc OptimizationIn the menu “Change parameters you can configure regular optimization of given disks.

Important: Defragmentation of the disk to accelerate Windows 10 is recommended to be performed regularly. The optimal frequency – once a month. For these purposes, third-party utilities can be used. For example, CCleaner Professional Plus is perfect.

Stage 3: Configuring Auto Download

Those programs that will be included with the computer when entering the system are recorded in the autorun. This function is only useful for software that is used constantly. But this does not apply to all software. Therefore, unnecessary elements should be removed from the startup. Then the computer start speed will increase. The easiest way to do this is through the tool “Dispatcher of tasks”. To call it, click PCM on the icon “Start” in the second block you will find the element of the same name.Call the application Manager of tasks from the context menu StartNow open the section “Auto loading”. Alternately click PCM on those programs that should be removed from the start when the PC is turned on. And then select the deactivation point.Disabling from autosetting in the Task Manager

General tips

It is important not only to speed up the work of Win 10, but also to keep the computer’s performance at the proper level. To do this, you should be guided by a number of rules:

  1. Defragmentation of the disk is worth regular.
  2. Remove unnecessary programs from your computer, and also disconnect unnecessary items from the autorun.
  3. Update equipment drivers to the latest stable versions.
  4. Keep the minimum number of programs in open condition.
  5. Keep track of the bootability of the system drive. If it has little free memory, then Windows will start working less stably.
  6. It is also advisable to clean memory regularly.


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