Windows 10 System Restore

Windows 10 it is possible to restore the OS. Including there are built-in services for this. The article provides instructions for two ways to restore Win 10. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Recovery Points

The recovery point is a certain state of the system reserved for its rollback in case of partial loss of operability. Using this function allows you to solve various problems caused by making any changes, for example, a crash due to improper driver updates.

In normal mode, Windows automatically creates such points. But it is recommended to make sure that this function is working. To do this, open the control panel, switch the view to the icons, go to the “Restoration” category and call the settings menu. There you can check the status of the data backup service. It is originally turned on, but if necessary, it can be turned off.

In the same menu, you can configure this function and activate the rollback, just click the “Restore …” button. Then follow the prompts on the screen, the process will take some time. As a result, the OS will return to its previous state, until the latest changes are made, which led to a loss of working capacity.

System return to its original state

Windows 10 provides a function with which you can roll the system into its original state. You can run it on the Recovery menu. To do this, click on the key combination Win and I. OS parameters will open. There, go to the section “Renewal and Safety”, and the desired menu will be in it.

window recovery 10

The “Return to …” button is responsible for the rollback. The system will offer a choice of two recovery options: with complete cleaning of all data and programs or with saving user data, but with the removal of programs and the reset of all settings. To perform this function, a flash drive or disk with an OS image is not required. Windows uses its internal components when rolled back.

Windows 10 recoveryvosstanovlenie-sistemy-windows-10how to restore the wine system 10

You can start the procedure for restoring the Wing 10 system even without entering the user profile. On the account selection screen, click on the PC on-off icon. The menu will have the option “Restoading”, activate it by first holding the button Shift on the keyboard.

The system will fulfill an alternative download method. Click on Diagnostics, then select “Return to the original state”. A computer or laptop will take some time to roll back Wing 10. In no case do not restart the device during installation.

The main advantage of this rollback method is simplicity and versatility. To execute it, you do not need to prepare a boot disk or flash drive. The rearrangement of the “ten” is carried out in automatic mode. This reduces the likelihood of many problems that can be encountered during manual installation.

system recovery in an alternative way

But this method has flaws. The main one is the impossibility of its use if a hard disk breakdown occurs or OS components are damaged.


Alternative options

Restore Win 10 still comes with Live CD – “living” image of the operating system. Do not forget only in BIOS set the download from the removable media.

If none of these options yielded successful results, then the best solution would be to cleanly install Wines from the boot disk. To create it, it is preferable to choose a utility Media Creation Tool from Microsoft. But take advantage of it first Live CD to save important data, because in the future full formatting will be required.

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