Windows 10 on-screen keyboard

The on-screen keyboard refers to the special features of Windows 10. It is designed to help people with special needs when working at a computer. But this function will be useful for any user when his physical keyboard fails. Virtual input will help replace it, since the panel contains all the keys necessary for the comfortable operation of the PC.

View of the Screen Keyboard

Using the Windows 10 virtual keyboard may also be needed to improve the security of personal data. The essence of this option is that the computer can be infected with a keylogger. This is a special type of virus that reads keystrokes. Accordingly, your password may be in the hands of intruders. And it is believed that screen input will avoid such a situation.

Running the screen keyboard

Now consider options for including the virtual keyboard both from the system and when entering it. Moreover, the methods vary slightly.

Option 1: Login screen

It is quite possible that the physical keyboard has broken, but at the same time, access to user files on the computer is urgently required. The account is under a password, the input of which is not possible in a standard way. The Win 10 screen keyboard will definitely come in handy here. It starts in the following way:

  1. Select a user on the login screen.
  2. In the lower right corner, the icon is placed “Special Opportunities”.
  3. Slider “Ekran keyboard” put in the activation position.
  4. Click in any free place to stop the sound of the announcer.
  5. Translate the cursor in the password entry field.
  6. Enter a secret combination and confirm the input.

Option 2: Icon on the taskbar

The taskbar is called the area at the bottom of the screen, which consists of the menu “Start”, notification areas and a list of fixed and current programs. One of the elements of the track can be the call icon of the function you need in this case. Press PCM on the taskbar and activate the item “Show touch button …”.

Search Context Menu

Click on the new icon, the corresponding element will open.

Option 3: Special Features

Open the menu “Start”. From below the left is a gear-shaped icon. If you point a mouse at her, a signature will appear “Parameters”. Click on it and open “Special Opportunities”. The sensor input activation point is located in the window “Claivature”.

Enabling Virtual Input in Windows Options

You can still do everything through “Control Panel”. The easiest way to open it is through a search in the Start. Switch the view of the elements to the icons. There is a point towards the end of the list “Center for Special Opportunities”. There is a point “Turn on the screen keyboard”.

Enabling function from the Control Panel

There are also quick access keys to this section – Win + U.

Search is a universal option for accessing any system and installed components. It is called by pressing Win + S at the same time. Enter the line “screen” and select the second item from the list.

Call a function from a search in Start

You can click PCM on the desired item and place it on the taskbar or in the list of Metro tiles located in the menu “Start”.

Option 5: Run

Go to “Office – Windows in the Start. From there, call the item “Follow out”. Write to the team osk and click “Ok”.

Enabling the on-screen keyboard from the Run window

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