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Initially, Windows 10 desktop gadgets absent. The developer removed this possibility of personalization. It is thought that they will be replaced by new tiles in the “Start” menu, which can be deployed to the entire screen. However, there are programs from third-party developers that allow you to configure the desktop using various widgets from a huge library.

Some of the most popular applications with such capabilities are Gadgets Revived and 8Gadgetpack. They will be discussed in this article.

Gadgets Revived

This application returns the gadget function that was present in Windows 7. It completely repeats the standard service embedded in the “seven”, down to the design and set of elements. Installing the program will add an additional section to the personalization of the system.


The official page is

The utility integrates into the system, widget settings occur through the context menu of the main screen (PCM in the free area). A library will open where the gadgets in Wing 10 about the same as those in Wing 7, including previous themes.

gadgets for wines 10


This program allows you to configure Win 10 gadgets. She has a wider range of functions when compared with the previous version. But there is a minus – there is no official Russian localization. You can fix the situation if you download the translation from an outside developer.

Windows 10 gadgets

You can download the application for free on page


Now we will study its possibilities in more detail. The program has a wide selection of different widgets. It is worth noting that there is much more diversity than in the previous version. The application will not only decorate the desktop, but also make it more functional. For example, there are elements that display a list of running processes, weather in the region, time on the other side of the world, and so on. The full list can be studied in the application library.


The utility has many settings with which it will be possible to personalize the operating system. The items are written in a foreign language, here is a translation of some of them:

  1. Add gadget – adding new elements.
  2. Disable autorun – shutting down the hajet startup when loading the system.
  3. Make gadgets larger – increases the size of the elements.
  4. Disable Win+G for gadgets – return of the source functions for the combination Win + G (activation of the DVR function).

gadgets for Windows 10

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